Tamara Alegre featuring Cuba Mami
Sensual Fictions and Intensities

© Glamarr
Week 1, 15.7.–19.7.2024
11:40–14:10 / XL
Arsenal D

Departing on a fiction around the sexual organs and the body parts around it: hips, ass, belly... Sensual Fictions and Intensities is about embodying a sensual dance practice, working on insisting, resisting, repetition and building up physical states and sensations. The practice is an empowering strategy to clean and charge one’s own body, feel pleasure and give room to the coexistence of different emotions.

At the start of the workshop dancer and collaborator Cuba teaches a badass Twerk warm-up. We will embody fantasies on figures such as warriors, gargoyles, chimeras, and strippers.

The dance material from Tamara’s work NX FUIMO serves as an inspiration; steps will be looped, while we’re working on high intensity, repetition and hyping each other. Tamara’s work is influenced by Dancehall, which she will share her knowledge on and how it affects her work ethics in relation to cultural appropriation.

Previous experience working with improvisational structures and conceptual scores is needed as well as dance background to catch and work on set material. This workshop is dedicated to people that identify as queer, their allies, and people with marginalised genders.  

Please bring kneepads and comfortable clothes, tight close are not beneficial for twerking. Bring something comfortable and something you feel sexy in.

Tamara Alegre
© Glamarr