Workshops 2023

Workshops 2023

Ziya Azazi in siting with one hand holding to the ground while spinning in the air a red material, skirt like with the other hand. Picture taken by Tony Lamanna

Ziya Azazi
ADD-ON: Dervish in Progress

© Tony Lamanna
Week 1, 10.7.–14.7.2023
14:00–16:30 / XL
Schmelz 1

This workshop suggests a space for the participants to challenge their limits through whirling in single, couple or group forms; to stimulate their ability for the thrift of bodily energy; and through these abilities to reach their goal movement within their own genre, spending less energy, with a higher level of awareness.

Whirling is not the main objective of this workshop. The greater goal is to improve one’s physical, emotional and mental awareness through whirling and the exercises prior to that. This leads the participants to perceive and accept what is befalling throughout whirling, and reach an innovative movement by means of whirling.

Ziya describes Dervish in Progress – or DIP – as an artistic design tool, based on repetition, which draws you back to nature. A place where knowledge and intuition come together to mobilise the body and mind and with that, mobilise our emotions. In the spinning world – much like in the real world – there is no steady image and in Ziya’s own words “you have to trust your kebab (head) and feet”. Trust your own axis and the gravity pulling you down to earth as you whirl, a surrender of vulnerabilities in a path to regain balance in life.

Ziya Azazi
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