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Ina Holub aka Trina Mizrahi & Anna Gaberscik
Let The Fat Bitch Slay

© Karin Cheng
Week 1, 10.7.–14.7.2023
18:15–20:00 / +Teacher
Schmelz 5

The workshop is aimed at overweight, queer and multiply marginalised people.
Let The Fat Bitch Slay begins with a historical examination of the racist roots of fatphobia. Participants then experience and learn voguing from a fat-positive perspective. Participants explore the different styles and categories of Voguing from a fat-positive perspective and learn a choreography. The class specifically addresses different bodies and celebrates exactly what majority society tends to reject.
Voguing is a highly political dance style of the Black and Latinx New York queer scene, and is therefore aimed specifically at (multiply) marginalised people.

Ina Holub aka Trina MizrahiAnna Gaberscik
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