José Agudo
Attack Release

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Week 4, 31.7.–4.8.2023
Schmelz 8

Jose's technique class is fast paced and aims to improve stamina through precise and simple movement patterns. The principles of the class are influenced by a diversity of traditional forms such as Kathak, Flamenco and martial arts, which are brought into a contemporary dance context.

The initial warm-up is followed by more complex movement material with a dynamic focus on the concept of “attack and release”. The technique allows joints to relax and energy to flow with maximum efficiency. Jose often uses counts to influence the dynamic of the movement and spinning to engage the core.

All of this work prepares the body to travel, exploring the broadest movement in space, whilst making fast, clean transitions from large to detailed movement. This is an energetic class, focusing on intention, clarity and extreme physicality.

José Agudo
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