Sri Louise
Cowboy Up: Country Line Dance

© Jessica Hubbard Marr
Intensive 3, 30.7.+31.7.
12:10–14:40 + 17:30–20:00
Arsenal D

Country Line Dance is the ultimate social dance for singles!
A Country Line Dance is a series of choreographed steps ranging anywhere from 16 to 176 count dances that repeat in a 4-wall-pattern. Always done in unison, Country Line Dance is an inclusive community dance style with its roots in American Folk dance. This workshop will focus on beginning Country Line Dances that allow everyone to experience the fun of moving, as a group, to popular Country-Western music. Participants will learn many of the basic steps that make up the most recognized choreographies in Country Line Dancing, like the lock step, heel dig and vine step.

Wear tennis shoes or cowboy boots and a cowboy hat and prepare to dance your heart out!
Everyone is welcome!

Sri Louise
© Jessica Hubbard Marr
© Jessica Hubbard Marr
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