Sabina Holzer & Kilian Jörg
Reasonable Messages from Unreasonable Dances

© Sabina Holzer
Week 2, 18.7.–22.7.
14:45–17:15 / XL +Teacher
Arsenal C

Artistic research

Improvisation X Theory

Yes! — there are vast territories with which one can only get in touch with as moving i.e. dancing bodies. Everything seems different there: pasts connect with futures; the self and the collective intermingles, strange creatures – plants, animals, anorganic particles, microbes, and humans – create assemblages we somehow feel entitled to call “ours”. How can we share these experiences? What kind of messages can we bring from these exquisite, mysterious places? What kind of reasonings linger within this troubled mattering of the vivid chaosmos? How can we render them less mysterious and more ... reasonable – even much more reasonable than occidental’s old reasoning!

Reason – a big word for occidental philosophy – doesn’t come up often in the field of dance practices. And why should it? Most of the history of philosophy is concerned with repressing the body and its corporeal relating to matters. A reasonable thought has – for the longest time – been regarded as one that abstracts the most radical from bodily matters to attain outer-worldly clarity. However, in times of ecological catastrophe we feel that these abstractions bring more harm than good. We need to find ways of relating and reasoning that stay in with the manifold troubles of this planet.

While connecting with our speaking, dreaming, thinking, desiring and inventive bodies, we charter traces of wishes and wisdom about ourselves and the world we live in. Relating to this nonverbal writing in space and time, we invite some philosophies and fictions to bridge science / theory / fiction and experiences. While exploring the spaces around the words and ways to listen to this polyphony between all sorts of bodies, we are mesmerised. How to approach the intelligence of the body without subordinating the body to that big word of Reason? How to follow and set free the manifold reasonings of bodies? A whole different ecology of attention awaits us here and wants to share its potentials.

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