Workshops 2018

Workshops 2018

Nicole Peisl
(Forsythe Work-based) Action Taking & Situatedness

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Week 2, 23.7.–27.7.2018
Arsenal G

Forsythe Work based Action Taking & Situatedness

Movement can be a way to investigate consciousness and research into consciousness can shape our presence and possibility for movement. 

In this workshop we will work with methods for compositional practice developed in the setting of the Forsythe Company. We will work on achieving specific forms of presence and consciousness.
We will play. Curiosity, sensation, and our physical and proprioceptive alignments, will become our material. But always only in the setting of task, engagement, doing. We will also acknowledge our impulses in order to allow ourselves to move beyond thinking about the method towards the manifestation of shifts in presence and consciousness.

 When working/playing/doing/undergoing we will acknowledge the role of action-taking and situatedness. We will investigate how we react to new situations and also old situations, how we make decisions and so create new situations. This will be the manifold in which we can move from the bodily practice into the field of compositional possibilities.

Nicole Peisl

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