Workshops 2017

Workshops 2017

Lilach Pnina Livne
The Neo-Abstract & The Non-Image: Issues of Spirit and Embodiment

Intensive 2, 29.7.+30.7.2017
Arsenal F

Neo-Abstract & The Non-Image: Issues of Spirit and Embodiment

A workshop on invisible worlds - Can we go beyond the image?

We live in a capitalistic world, where images are attacking us from all over – in the media, in the art and in the way we meet and communicate with each other.
In this hyper image-obsessed reality, how can we, through the art of dance and the creation of a temporary community, go beyond separation and pre-judgment?

The Neo-Abstract conception goes against the "flat image", the "narrow thinking", our linear and simplified perceptions of space, time and form. In this workshop, we will use the body and the performance medium in order to practice different ways of treating our own bodies and the bodies of others, to expose the body, to cover it, to expand it, to separate it and to blur its boundaries with others around us – towards a new consciousness.
As choreographers, dancers and performers we use the visible image and the visible body as tools of creation. In this workshop we will try to transcend beyond the seen and open new possibilities (by using theory and practice) to treat the visual world. It is an opportunity to try and broaden our options of how a dance appears and if a movement can be imagined in our minds – and still manifest in space?

During the workshop we will try to understand the place of the invisible and the spiritual in our society – what is the potential connection between choreography and spirituality? Can dance and art again be a holy place where the spiritual takes place? A place, which allows us to re-connect and re-touch hidden and invisible forces?
Moreover, we will aspire to find ways to observe the body with more compassion and the relation dance has with healing process, therapy, transcendental movements, philosophy, audience participation, temporary communities and religion. It is an invitation to explore the hidden potential of the ABSTRACT, not as a metaphor, or as a form, but as a new way to dance, create and experience the world.

The workshop will consist of practice, theory, reflection and personal research of each participant.

Lilach Pnina Livne