Workshops 2016

Workshops 2016

David Bloom
Sex & Space - a workshop on dance, desire, and performing the erotic body

Arsenal 3

Sex and Space

A Workshop on Dance, Desire, and Performing the Erotic Body by David Bloom

A dance consists of Bodies in Time and Space. Traditional dance training and artistic research often set limits as to how much sexuality is allowed into a "serious artistic process". BDSM and tantric practices often focus on the body, its emotions and sensations, and pay less attention to structures of time and especially space.?? However, a group ritual or play party has all the makings of a performance, one where the roles of performer and audience member are constantly shifting.

In this Workshop, David brings together his professional background as a dancer/choreographer/teacher with his experience of practicing conscious sexuality to bridge the gap between artistic and personal process. His film "Quintet - a choreopornographic experiment", which explored the connection between sex and art, premiered at the Berlin Pornfilmfestival in 2013, followed by "Sonata" in 2015.?? Being a Performer with a capital “P” (to borrow a term from Grotowski) is not (only) about entertaining people or representing stories or images, it is about developing a global embodied awareness of situations. The greatest performers are capable of simultaneously being completely lost in trance and analysing the situation from the outside.

We will work with simple solo and group improvisation exercises that expand our consciousness to perceive temporal and spatial relations in a variety of ways. We will then deal with desire and erotic energy to generate material and work with these heightened states consciously as parts of a composition. We will work not only on actions but also on the spaces between observing and listening. We will negotiate scenes not only from personal taste, but also according to artistic and aesthetic criteria.

The idea is not to constrict freedom and spontaneity, but to allow new possibilities to emerge through structure, that can eventually lead to another level of subtlety and beauty in our play. An expanded consciousness of how we perceive time and space can create an enhanced understanding of each other and the world we live and play in.

David Bloom