Workshops 2015

Workshops 2015

© Jean Rollin

Alix Eynaudi & Mårten Spångberg
non-haptic exorcism - affect - non-haptic eroticism (dancing duets)

© Jean Rollin
Week 2, 27.7.–31.7.2015
Arsenal F

non-haptic exorcism - affect - non-haptic eroticism (dancing duets)

We are obsessed with dance and dance obsesses us. We are unable to stop and we dance in order to come to an end. Exorcise us. Dance is our lover and our deep deep sex, and yet dance continuously withdraws, slips away and vanishes as we come together.
We dance to not know and we crave getting to know dance. We die when we dance and dance makes us stay alive. And still there is nothing accidental, nothing hocus-pocus, it’s all prepared and rational. Who knows how?

We like partnering, such an overlooked story. We like narrative dance, so neglected. We consider love, duet and love-duets irresistible, but gosh we bleed when thinking about love represented in dance. Composition bangerz great, such a gift. We deep dig improvisation, but not for our sake. We like to stay in touch but our dance has nothing to do with touchy feely. Fuck no – non-haptic. We dance together without becoming a group. Just you and the dance, duet and a lot of love, all of us. Wonderful.

Two and a half hours of dancing with Alix and Mårten. Bring an open mind and we’ll play the cutest music. We know a lot of exercises and in-between we can experience a lot. It’s pretty advanced but not at all complicated, a little bit like devotion and whatever at the same time. Looking forward. 

Alix EynaudiMårten Spångberg
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