Workshops 2014

Workshops 2014

Nina Kripas & Marjory Smarth
Urban Culture Soul Signature

Intensive 1, 26.7.+27.7.2014
Arsenal F

Urban Culture Soul Signature

eloquent freestyle

In the Urban Culture Soul Signature Workshop, we will be exploring various exercises focusing on ones individual creative voice and body language. While using music and rhythms from Urban Cultures dating back to the 1970’s to the present day.

We will be tapping into a more eloquent freestyle as well as ways to naturally interact with each other through dance. You will also learn historical information from Urban Culture such as where particular dances are rooted, places like New York, California and the Caribbean.

We invite people of all walks of life on this journey to discover their freedom of self-expression by connecting their own personal experiences to the soulful feelings and messages of the music. We will guide you through urban social dances, grooves, and choreography.

Nina KripasMarjory Smarth

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