Workshops 2013

Workshops 2013

Peter Jasko
ADD-ON | Contemporary Technique

Week 3, 29.7.–2.8.2013
Arsenal B

Contemporary Technique

Instinct, Support Action and Fearlessness

My class is about working with powerful physicality related to the floor and air. The focus of the class is to develop movement in different levels - up and down positions, shifting support and balance in different parts of the body and handstand work. My inspiration for the class comes from every living moment that I sense in my life.

We start the class with full power by playing games that wake up the body and mind. Later we slow down and focus on the short exercises that we connect to final phrases, which will end the class. Rhythmically we extend and shift movement from the floor phrases into the air and down again, using speed and efficiency of our body.

I welcome support, action and fearlessness. In a playful environment I would like to work with the instinct to discover different kinds of movement possibilities. The point of my class is to develop trust within the group and build safe conclusions to difficult actions.

Peter Jasko

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