Shake the Break 2021

Johanna Figl & Martina Rösler – Power Animals 2019 © Karolina Miernik
Johanna Figl & Martina Rösler – Power Animals 2019 © Karolina Miernik

Dance and Theatre Workshops for Children & Youth 
A project by Dschungel Wien and ImPulsTanz

Soon it will be the ImPulsTanz time again! In the middle of it all, a great offer for everyone from 3 to 18 years at and together with the Dschungel Wien: Shake the Break! Dancing is expression and movement. Dancing is joie de vivre, a source of strength. It gives you self-confidence. Dancing means spending time together with others, immersing yourself in another world, feeling great, feeling your strength and simply letting go.

Elda Gallo teaches dancing acrobats to fly (6 to 10 years) and Ákos Hargitay overcomes obstacles with BodyParkour (10+). Those who want to work on inner strength and balance with the power animal experts Johanna Figl & Martina Rösler in Power Animals (8+) have booked an exciting holiday! In the Shake the Break workshops you can also think a lot about our world and about love: Laura Steinhöfel calls 8- to 11-year-olds to the "Children's Conference", while Sanja Tropp Frühwald gets to the bottom of the secrets of love with everyone aged 14 and up. You can choose to be anything: from a bouncy ball in Suni Löschner's course to princesses or princes with the artist collective KLAUS. You can get to know a wide variety of social dances in the HipHop workshops: Waacking and Voguing with Romy Kolb, stage-ready Fila and Roger Rabbits with Daybee Dorzile or the wave with Attila Zanin, the workshop for young people with and without disabilities. 6- to 10-year-olds learn the basics of breaking with Markus Eggensperger and 7- to 12-year-olds mix modern styles with traditional African dance with Futurelove Sibanda. What a summer ahead of us!

Date & Place: The Shake the Break Workshops take place from Monday to Friday between 19th July and 13th August 2021 at Dschungel Wien.

© Laurent Ziegler

Kollektiv KLAUS

Pince(ss) (3–6yr olds)

Creative dance for kids
Week2: 26–30 July, 10:00–11:00 (XS)
In Prince(ss) we shed light on the phenomenon of princesses in a playful way: What colours does a princess or a prince wear? What do they do all day? And how do they move?

© Karolina Miernik

Suni Löschner

Von Fröschen und Flummis (3,5–5J)

Creative dance for kids
Week1: 19–23 July, 09:30–10:30 (XS)
Together we explore the countless possibilities of moving and dancing: Because do you know how far a frog can jump? And how long its tongue can extend when it catches a fly?

© Urban Artists

Markus Eggensperger

Urban Dance (6–10J)

Dive into the world of HipHop
Week2: 26–30 July, 10:15–11:45 (S)
Urban Dance and HipHop is fun and soulfulness – simply a cool party. In this workshop we dive into the world of different dance styles of the HipHop culture.

© Ani Antonova

Elda Gallo

Myself Together (6–10J)

Dance, Acrobatics
Week3: 2–6 August, 10:00–12:00 (M)
What can we be together? A forest, a tree or a soccer team? Are we a body or a city? And who am I in this big picture?

© Karolina Miernik

Futurelove Sibanda

Afrofusion Dance (7–12J)

Let's move it!
Week4: 9–13 August, 10:15–11:45 (S)
Let’s travel together to Southern Africa! Through movements, music and improvisations we will explore various stories and games of Futurelove Sibanda.

© Laurent Ziegler

Laura Steinhöfel

Die Konferenz der Kinder (8–11J)

Acting, movement exploration
Week4: 9.–13. August, 10:00–13:00 (L)
We play, dance and transform into our favourite book characters. There is a suitcase full of costumes and music. We take a ship, sail across the water, through storm, wind, space and time

© Karolina Miernik

Johanna Figl & Martina Rösler

Power Animals (8+)

Get to know the animal inside of you
Week3: 2–6 August, 12:30–14:30 (M)
Who would not like to have an indestructible, loyal buddy?Together we go in search of our fortitude and awaken our zest for life. 

© Karolina Miernik

Ákos Hargitay

BodyParkour (10+)

Heroes in overcoming obstacles!
Week4: 9.–13. August, 12:15–13:45 (S)
We jump over bodies and a scaffolding cube, dance, do acrobatics and stunts, just like Jackie Chan. The movement material is an urban mix between Parkour, Tricking, Breakdance. No obstacle is too big for us!

© Karolina Miernik

Daybee Dorzile

Funktastic Jam (11+)

Dance, Party
Week2: 26–30 July, 10:30–12:00 (S)
A mix of party moves and HipHop wrapped into stage-ready choreographies. Learn the Robocop, Fila, Roger Rabbit, Rambo and many more!

© Franzi Kreis

Romy Kolb

Social Dance Lab (11–15J)

Dance, Freestyle
Week1: 19–23 July, 10:15–11:45 (S)
With curiosity and joy of movement, you will be able to explore new paths and steps as well as dance styles such as Voguing, Waacking or House Dance!

© Emilia Milewska

Attila Zanin

HipHop Tanz – MixedAbilities (11+)

HipHop for you and for me!
Week3: 2–6 August, 10:30–12:00 (S, pay as you wish*)
Did you always wanted to know how to dance like a robot or how to do the wave? Here you can learn it! 

Shake the Break Prices
Dance and Theatre Workshops for Children & Youth
An initiative by Dschungel Wien and ImPulsTanz

EARLY BIRD BONUS: If you book your workshops until 31st May 2021, you save 10 euro.

Duration1 h1,5 h2 h3 h
first workshop (booking until 31 May)70,–86,–100,–114,–
first workshop (booking as of 01 June)80,–96,–110,–124,–
second workshop30,–46,–60,–74,–
each additional workshop20,–36,–50,–64,–
1 hDuration
70,–first workshop (booking until 31 May)
80,–first workshop (booking as of 01 June)
30,–second workshop
20,–each additional workshop
1,5 hDuration
86,–first workshop (booking until 31 May)
96,–first workshop (booking as of 01 June)
46,–second workshop
36,–each additional workshop
2 hDuration
100,–first workshop (booking until 31 May)
110,–first workshop (booking as of 01 June)
60,–second workshop
50,–each additional workshop
3 hDuration
114,–first workshop (booking until 31 May)
124,–first workshop (booking as of 01 June)
74,–second workshop
64,–each additional workshop

All prices in euro VAT included 

Shake the Break Workshops for Children & Youth are indicated with an age limit and take place at Dschungel Wien.


  • At Dschungel Wien, at 
  • At ImPulsTanz and at our Workshop Office. To register it is necessary to pay at least one full fee. In case of a cancellation we keep 50 euro.

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