ImPulsTanz Workshops 2018 – Laura Steinhöfel © Laurent Ziegler
ImPulsTanz Workshops 2018 – Laura Steinhöfel © Laurent Ziegler
ImPulsTanz Workshops 2018 – Laura Steinhöfel © Laurent Ziegler
© Ela Daple

Prince(ss) (3–6J)

In Prince(ss) we shed light on the phenomenon of princesses in a playful way: What colours does a princess or a prince wear? What do they do all day? And how do they move? In the course of the week, we transform ourselves into very individual characters, put together costumes and show the result to our parents and friends.

The artists' collective KLAUS works primarily in public spaces. In doing so, they question movement norms and create a low-threshold access to art. Since their latest performance series Princess, KLAUS has also been dealing with the question of what a princess is. In the Prince(ss) workshop, we introduce the children to the topic in a playful way. The joy of movement and the joint, artistic creative process are the focus. Everyone can get involved and realise their ideas!

ARTISTBIO: Natalie Campbell

Natalie Campbell is a dancer, director, dance teacher and author working at the interface between performance and text. She studied International Development, attended numerous dance trainings and workshops, especially in the field of contemporary and African dance. She made her debut as director in 2019 with Die Fabelhafte Welt von Klaus for Dschungel Wien. Further performance appearances have been at the Danube Festival Krems or at the Festival Palco do Mundo in Portugal. She made her literary debut in 2016 with the publishing house text/rahmen under the artist name Simon Guerel.

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ARTISTBIO: Manuela Deac

Manuela Bianca Deac is a contemporary dancer and performer. She studied journalism in Romania and worked with local artists in theatre and film projects during her studies. Besides dance and performance she has attended workshops in Noh theatre and Butoh dance. She lives in Vienna since 2014 and combines dance with visual media. She also likes to work with masks and clowning. She has participated in numerous projects with Doris Uhlich, Elio Gervasi, Mia Haugland Habib and artists from film and photography.

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