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ImPulsTanz Workshops 2017 – Maartje Pasman © Franzi Kreis
ImPulsTanz Workshops 2017 – Maartje Pasman © Franzi Kreis
© Ben Shalev Gil
© Ben Shalev Gil

Myself Together (6–10J)

Dance, Acrobatics

What can we be together? A forest, a tree or a soccer team? Are we a body or a city? And who am I in this big picture? Together we invent group images and moving sculptures, which only become unique through our differences. As dancing acrobats we make each other fly – we are the rhythm and the music! There are no winners or losers in our games, because all that matters is us: me, you, all of us together!


Italian dancer and choreographer based in Vienna. She is dancing for companies such as Pietro Marullo (BE), Natiscalzi DT (IT), and for various productions of  Dschungel Wien Theatre, TanzCoop , Vrum performing art collective, MovementLazuz, Co.Two in One. In Italy the she studied at Dance-theatreAccademia d'Arte Drammatica P. G. Milan. She continued her studies in Austria, where she graduated from S.E.A.D in 2015. She won the 2015–16 scholarship from the TQW in Vienna. She studied with international teachers, among them: Lucinda Child, Shen Wei, Les Slovaks, Edivaldo Ernesto, FM Fighting monkeys, D. Zambrano. And danced for M. Di Stefano, A. Vidach, Paul Blackman & Christine Gouzelis, Milla Koistinen, Roberto Olivan. In 2016 she premier the solo Accalia, by Sebastian Zuber. Over the years she worked with M. Matsushita, R. Murgi, and E. Bromberg. She began her research as a choreographer with her creation Ocean(4+) and designing the artistic investigation Sadhana Project.

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