for CU17 © Katarzyna Chmura
for CU17 © Katarzyna Chmura
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Waxing Gibbous Moon Embodiment Party

featuring Rozi Mákó

What is there that cannot be seen? What is the moment where we create meaning? How do sensations, image, sound and text complete each other to make us understand phenomena as “experience”?

We will dance a lot and will continuously move the focus of our perception. Using tools such as breath work, Yoga, the Feldenkrais method, astrology, and Experiential Anatomy, we go on a quest of finding the body’s willingness for expression. Starting from the perception of the body’s inner space and moving to outer space, experiences of memories, imagination, impressions, emotions will get incorporated. Is this an overwhelming set of information to incorporate? We sort them out and create our own narration and context by reflecting through writing, recreating our dance through storytelling.

How do these contexts define the experience of dance? Is there a language to our dance? A language, that is different to our dance? A language rooted in our bodies’ wisdom – an embodiment dance party under the waxing gibbous moon.

Musician and composer Rozi Mákó will perform live. She is creating unique atmospheric experience through her improvisation, that adds a special acoustic environment to the workshop.

ARTISTBIO: Anna Biczók

Anna Biczók is a dance artist, performer, choreographer based in Budapest, Hungary. She graduated at Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy in 2008, since then she has been working as a freelancer – doing both collaborative and own work. As a dancer she has worked with HODWORKS, The Symptoms, Berlin based theatre group bigNotwendigkeit, Timothy and the Things, Viktor Szeri. Her first full evening length choreography We won’t eat dogs! was presented at L1danceFest in 2014. Her work Precedents to a potential future premiered in Warsaw Body/Mind Festival 2017 and since has been invited to Ljubljana, Birmingham, Best of BE Spain and UK Tours, Batard Festival Brussels, dunaPart Platform Budapest. She creates movement-based performance with exploring inner sensations, body-mind states and fantasies with the focus of finding physical forms to the non-physical territories of the inner world. Her style involves movement and theatricality with playfulness and humour, rooting from personal experiences and autobiographical inspiration.

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