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Breaking off separation

All All Abilities workshops are offered on a pay what it's worth to you-principle – you pay what you can or consider to be fair. Please contact the Workshop Office if you would like to book this Workshop.

DanceAbility is a unique dance methodology, open to everyone - for experienced and less experienced dancers, for people with and without disabilities and was founded in 1987 by Alito Alessi and Karen Nelson.

In this workshop we work with improvisation, in order to experience equality, respect and artistic exploration between people with and without disabilities and to discover what we have in common. The goal is to facilitate the development of an own body language and the fulfilment of own interests and needs, to find a way back into individual intuition and to find a personal place.

Each special movement language holds its beauty and has its precious and estimated place in the workshop. This will produce small dance pieces, which will be created in small groups. Through Contact Improvisation participants will learn to improvise in contact with each other.

Steve Paxton on DanceAbility: "Using the art of dance, the art of the body, it begins with the facts of the body – the facts of anybody/mind – and slowly, gently, shows the partners in a dance how to find common ground. An event occurs which can only occur with the participation of these two people, an invention which assumes the opposite of what is normally assumed, and which is a path to healing the divisions we find everywhere installed – the normal ‚default’ setting – in our environments, in our minds, in our hearts."

ARTISTBIO: Vera Rosner

Vera Rosner (formerly Rebl) was born in Vienna, is DanceAbility trainer, choreographer, dancer and quality manager, living in Vienna. Since several years she leads weekly an open workshop group and since 2011 an advanced training group and teaches different workshop formats internationally (among others in Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck, Bremen, Porto, Helsinki, Munich and Bologna). Between 2005 and 2009 she was a dancer with the company Danse Brute. In 2008 she founded the company A.D.A.M., creating the performances 6 tanzen, Auf freiem Fuß, dancing with paints (a collaboration with L.A.C.E. Theatre, Los Angeles), (Ruderal-) Flora and Fuss-Noten. Lately she performed in Jerôme Bel's Gala as well as in Doris Uhlich’s Habitat.

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