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Your Journey – Your Yoga

Let joy into your heart!

In this Vinyasa Yoga workshop Ori invites you to discover your own unique path and take this beautiful journey to help soften self-limiting mind-sets and open yourselves to welcome joy into your hearts. Over the years, Ori has been consistently amazed to feel how the mind opens in the practice of attention to physical and mental awareness that Yoga provides, and how this creates space for healing and a stronger self. Through the class, practitioners are encouraged to intuitively follow their hearts and deepen their understanding and knowledge of their body and its connection with the mind, breath and spirit. Strong emphasis will be put into our continued awareness of alignment and breath through the various postures, which will enable us to find new possibilities while maintaining a calm centre without adding stress to our body and mind.


The Energetic Body through Dance and Meridians

 Our dancing body is charged with energy and its continuous flow is essential to maintain a balanced and a healthy state of being. In Eastern Philosophy the energy is expressed through pathways known as Meridians, which are divided into five elements – Earth, Water, Wood, Metal and Fire. Each element is expressed through different qualities, which we experience throughout our daily life.

In this workshop we will explore the different elements, their qualities and how they are being expressed through the dancing body. We will explore and follow the physical location of the meridians on the body and practice how to balance the energy through self-bodywork technique (Shiatsu) and some stretching. We will continue to affect the energy through the moving body using imagery and improvisation tasks to allow our dancing bodies to embody the different qualities of the meridians such as – fluidity, grounding, compassion and adaptability to name a few.

As we have been experiencing more stress and anxiety due to the isolation and social distance during the Covid-19 crisis, our bodies and mind crave to find balance and harmony again, this exploration will encourage dancers to discover the five elements within them and how to take advantage of those qualities through the awareness of the meridians to feel free and balanced in our bodies again.


Ori Flomin is a dance artist based in New York City.  His work has been presented in venues around NYC as well as internationally in Austria, Japan, Germany, Norway, and Australia. He created commissioned work for Zenon Dance Company (Minneapolis), SADC Tisch, NYU (NYC), The Place (London), Purchase Dance Company, The Barnard Project (NYC) and The Dance School of Norway among others. In January 2015 he premiered Meeting You a collaborative duet With Swedish Choreographer Helena Franzen at Dansmuseet, Stockholm, which has since toured internationally.

Ori performed with the Stephen Petronio Company, Neil Greenberg, Helena Franzén, Molissa Fenley, Maria Hassabi, Kevin Wynn and Michael Clark.

His international teaching has brought him to ImpulsTanz (Vienna), P.A.R.T.S. (Brussels), Sasha Waltz Company (Berlin), Culberg Ballet (Stockholm), Joint Adventure Festival (Munich), London Contemporary School of Dance (London), Ballet de Loraine (Nancy), Dance Ireland (Dublin), Ballet Society (Vancouver), Chunky Move (Melbourne), Terence Lewis Academy (Mumbai) and many more. 

In New York City area he is a guest teacher at Tisch NYU, Rutgers University, Princeton University, The New School, SUNY Purchase and Barnard College.

He received his MFA degree in Dance and technology in May 2020. In addition Ori is a certified Yoga teacher and Shiatsu therapist.

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