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Centrifugal Empowerment

Explore physicality

The class builds progressively from deep and static stretching to very physical and dynamic phrases. Some of the main focuses of the class are the explorations of natural connections in the body and how to use gravity (centrifugal force, potential and kinetic energy...) and the floor as dance partners. We will look towards ways of developing a strong sense of organicity, with a strong emphasis on creating spirals through opposition and clever use of the gravity centre, finding a balance between what you control and what you let happen, how to recycle the energy of a movement into another, how to increase the speed of your dancing in a relatively effortless and released way.

The class challenges the participants to take the risk of exploring their physicality as far as they can, as much in their flexibility than in the intensity of their dancing.

Physical Verses

Find freedom and creativity

In this workshop we will work around certain choreographic ideas, some of them coming from previous creations. Exploring different qualities of movements, using intuition and personal background, each participant will be invited to develop and transform some taught repertory phrase or original ideas. How can one find freedom and creativity within a strict frame? We will use those physical concepts and imagery for compositions and improvisations.

Skid Technique

Pushing further his exploration of a more intense and intimate relationship of the body to the force of gravity, Damien Jalet created "Skid" (2017) for the Gothenburg Dance Company. The dancers performed for 40 minutes on a 34 degree inclined platform of 40 square meters. Together with dancer Aimilios Arapoglou and other members of the company, they developed an alphabet of new physical possibilities, alternating control and surrendering, of accelerations and slow motions, to be performed alone or with partners.

This class given on a large platform of the same inclination is a way to open the experience and share some of the gravitational discoveries they made to more dancers. Beside the actual playfulness of it, the class – while strongly grounding and centring the dancing of the participants – also allows them to develop a sense of abandon in the movement that is not possible to achieve on the flat ground.

Please come with shoes: Tabis and Kung Fu shoes are ideal, otherwise any flexible sport shoes with gripping rubber sole.

ARTISTBIO: Damien Jalet

Damien Jalet is an independent Belgian and French choreographer and dancer working internationally. Interested in the capacity of dance constantly reinventing itself by conversing with other media such as visual art, music, cinema, theatre and fashion; his works are often collaborative.
He worked as a choreographer and dancer for companies such as Ballet C. de la B., Sasha Waltz and Guests, Chunky Move, Eastman, NYDC, Hessiches Staatballet, Scottish Dance Theatre, Icelandic Dance Company and many more.

His latest works as choreographer include: "Babel(words)" co-signed with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui with a set by Antony Gormley (two Olivier Awards), presented in 2016 at the Cour d’Honneur du Palais des Papes in Avignon; "Les médusés", a choreographic installation for 30 performers in some of the main rooms of the Louvre in Paris; "Yama" for the Scottish Dance Theatre with a set design by American artist Jim Hodges; "Bolero" which he directed together with Cherkaoui and the performance artist Marina Abramovic for the Paris Opera Ballet with costumes by Riccardo Tisci; "inked" for the British Kathak dancer Aakash Odedra; "obsidian pieces" for the Icelandic Dance Company in collaboration with Erna Omarsdottir (National Performing Art Award 2015 for the best choreographer).
In October 2015 he choreographed "gravity fatigue", conceptualised by fashion designer Hussein Chalayan at Sadler’s Wells in London.
"THR(O)UGH", a choreography for Hessisches Ballett, collaborating again with Jim Hodges, Austrian composer Christian Fennesz and designer Jean Paul Lespagnard.
He created "the ferryman" with the director Gilles Delmas, highlighting the relation between his works and existing rituals practiced in Bali and Japan, this film gets the exclusive participation of Marina Abramovic and composer Ryuichi Sakamoto. It is presented during the whole Venice Biennale at Palazzo Fortuny starting May 2017.
He directed "vessel" together with Japanese visual artist Nawa Kohei, a collaboration initiated during a four-month-long residency at Villa Kujoyama (Japanese medics villa in Kyoto). The performance for seven dancers has been presented in many important venues in Japan such as Rhom Theater Kyoto and Naoshima’s Art Site.
He is the 2017 artistic director of the UK National Youth Dance Company, for which he creates "tarantiseismic" premiered at Sadler's Wells in April.

Damien Jalet choreographed consequent sections of the upcoming film "Suspiria" directed by Luca Guadagnino, starring Tilda Swinton, Dakota Johnson, Ingrid Caven and Chloe Grace Morretz with an original score by Thom Yorke.
He will create "Skid" in November 2017 for the Gothenburg Ballet.

As a teacher Jalet has also taught his specific technique using centrifugal force in many companies and institutions including Pina Bausch Company, ImPulsTanz Vienna, Atelier de Paris, Architanz Tokyo....

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