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Lap Dance2. Bodies at Play Or the Horror of Intimacy

Dance professionals learn many things, yet too little about the gaze of the audience that is closely related to questions of intimacy and distance. How do the senses of close and remote perception play the instrument of contact? This workshop explores the whole spectrum of these difficult times for the live arts: How to create intimacy, if technology is replacing the stage? How to keep distance, when the audience is condensed into one single costumer?


Katherina T. (KT) Zakravsky/ZAK RAY is a performance and conceptual artist, writer, theorist (political theory, philosophy of history, science and society), project developer at the interface of science, performance, artistic research and urbanism, and former lecturer for philosophy at the University of Vienna. Since 2012 she is a freelance artist, scholar and project developer.

In 2009 she taught the workshop Lab/pDance at ImPulsTanz together with Anne Juren. In 2015 she presented the performance Mumok Troll in the exhibition Mein Körper ist das Ereignis and M.A.D. (Middle Aged Dance) at the Schauspielhaus in the frame of ImPulsTanz.

2015-17 she was Artist in Residence at seeLab (Jan Lauth et al.), Seestadt, Aspern.
Since 2017 she has been working with the Training & Education group of the Wiener Perspektive (Charlotta Ruth, Sara de Santis and others) at Tanzquartier Wien.
Since 2018 she has been working with Klaus Spiess and Lucie Strecker (consulting, text, performance) on microperformativity and bio-art.

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