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Embodying Time (60+)

This workshop combines different elements of meditation techniques, Experiential Anatomy and expressive art therapies to look closely at time and body from a new perspective. We delve into the world of sensory perception and seek new pathways through dance for embodying time.


Every Body Knows

We will use analytic-anatomical and holistic-artistic tools to find relations between our thoughts, emotions, postures and movements. Building awareness of our perception system we will find our own resources for resilience: strength, flexibility and endurance, experiencing self-satisfied and effortless bodies as we dance.

ARTISTBIO: Defne Erdur

Defne Erdur is a dance artist and a sociologist working in the fields of performing arts, therapy and education. She is trained in Contemporary Dance (PhD), Sociology (MA) and Intermodel Art Therapy & Creativity, and Trauma Healing (SEP). Having worked with pioneers in Somatics and therapy, in 2008 she has become a certified body therapist actively practicing multitude of techniques towards a deeper understanding of the body as a psychophysical whole.

She has been regularly teaching for ImPulsTanz, MSGSU Istanbul State Conservatory, ElimSende, ÇATI Contemporary Dance Artists Association, and CI-Turkey; as well as supporting WINPeace, Beyond Borders, and Peace Revolution initiatives. Invested in building safe and inclusive creative environments, she offers workshops around the world, including Hunting Gathering Cultivating, Every Body Knows, Mind the Body, and Embodying Time. Defne is also the co-founder and editor of dedicated to documentation of contemporary dance education. She is one of the authors and co-editors of

Artistically, she is mainly interested in instant compositions and site specific performances. In 2014, her on-going solo performance "in between prayers" which was perceived as having significant impact on the physical intervention called "standing man" during the socio-political revolts in Turkey, and her dedication to non-violent communication took her to Thailand. She was selected among 400 artists for "Meditation Artistic Retreat" to collaborate with 19 other artists towards creating the Samadhi Santi Collection for peace. Henceforth, she has become one of the meditation trainers of World Peace Initiative Foundation.

In sum, she is curiously dancing on the transitive line between art and life – where the prospect of all her work is to mediate people to relate to their own self and accompany them in their physical, mental, and emotional processes towards wellbeing.

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