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Earth Will Come video still © Katelyn Stiles

Body Symphony – Axis Syllabus

Kangaroos and gazelles can jump much further and faster than can be explained by the force of contraction of their leg muscles. Behind this unique ability lies a spring-like effect in the fascial tissue of the legs and a similar effect can be found in human movement. In this workshop we will explore the body and its great shock absorbing energy storage and return systems.


Spine Time – Axis Syllabus

In this workshop the participants are invited to observe – through theory, applied research and a practice towards the cultivation of subtle articulation and a deep sensing spine – our shared and individual varied anatomies. We will experiment with variations of crawling, walking, running and jumping to explore the history and adaptability of the spine with high regards to gravity as the complementary organising factor.

These Arms of Mine – Axis Syllabus

The functions of the arms are varied, malleable and universal. They serve as supporting systems, balancers, stirrups, catapults, swings, landing pads, feelers and as a subtle means of orientation for the spine. In this two-day workshop we will explore these numerous possibilities with the aim of making them more integrated and supportive in dynamic movement.

ARTISTBIO: Kira Kirsch

Kira Kirsch is a movement enthusiast, teacher, dancer, researcher, community organizer, mother and passionate initiator/curator living in Berlin part of Lake Studios, an artist-run dance, research, production and living space.

She is deeply invested into creating and shaping spaces for people to experience, learn about and sensitize their mind-body-movement continuum. She has pioneered, taught and continuously researched through the lens of the Axis Syllabus (AS) for almost two decades, is a co-organiser of the Nomadic College at Earthdance, leads teacher laboratories and has build a community for AS research in the Bay Area, California from 2006 to 2012.

In 2014 she started co-curating a new annual dance festival called SENSING IN and is establishing a regular educational program under the name of Movement Artisans together with Antoine Ragot at Lake Studios/Berlin.

She currently has a guest-lectureship at the HZT University of Arts in Berlin and is invited to festivals and institutions such as ImPulsTanz (AT), Ravnedans (NO), TQW-Vienna or the Goa Contact Festival among many other as well as private initiatives of the grass root type.

As a performer Kira has danced in the works of Sara Shelton Mann (US), David Szlasa (US), Avy K. Productions (RU), Christine Bonansea (US/FR), Half Machine (DK), ABCdance collective/Frey Faust, Cie. Anna Tenta (AT) and in numerous collaborations with her peers. From 2009 -2012 she collaborated with Montrealer Kelly Keenan and their creations "species – a moving body exposition" and "useless creatures" have been presented in the US, Canada and Austria.

Current projects are the establishment of the CoLaboratory Berlin, a research initiative for somatic communication (ISSC-Institute for the Study of Somatic Communication), hands-on intra-actions, gardening and nursing the new family member.

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