Matter Of Fascia by Kerstin Kussmaul © Hamish Macdonald
Matter Of Fascia by Kerstin Kussmaul © Hamish Macdonald
Matter Of Fascia by Kerstin Kussmaul © Hamish Macdonald
Matter Of Fascia by Kerstin Kussmaul © Hamish Macdonald
© Emilia Milewska

The Psoas Connection – Experiential Anatomy

The muscle iliopsoas is a deep torso muscle, which strongly influences many body systems: spinal erection, knees, feet, throat and jaw, organs in the belly, the nervous system, the breathing and emotions. The underlying method in this workshop is the Myoreflex therapy, which works with the muscle sensors as a tool for regulation, thus reaching the control centre – the brain. This physiological connection can be used to perceive and to activate specific muscles in movement.


Tensegric Embodiment

Tensegric embodiment speaks from a place of somatically informed dance practice and unfolds myofascia as a choreographic and relational resource. Based on Kerstin’s three-year artistic project the matter of fascia, we will journey into the experience of myofascia through movement, eventually jointly developing solos and group scores. Myofascia encourages place-based thinking and accordingly we will also venture out of the studio for our research.

ARTISTBIO: Kerstin Kussmaul

Kerstin Kussmaul is a dance researcher and artist with a focus on somatics and embodiment. In the past four years, she researched myofascia in movement as the focus of her practice-led PhD at the University of Auckland, NZ. Her latest work, the matter of fascia, arose from this inquiry and can be viewed at Before that, she researched distributed creativity in Contact Improvisation from the viewpoint of Embodied Cognition. Artistic collaborators in present and past are Nita Little, Jan Burkhardt, Lizz Roman, SOMEX (Sabina Holzer, Mariella Greil, maRia Probst, Sylvia Scheidl) among many others.

Kerstin studied Music and Dance, Somatics, Myoreflex Therapy and Yoga and teaches dance in major dance centers, festivals and universities in Europe and the Pacific. Kerstin founded and heads the IDOCDE network (, International Documentation of Contemporary Dance Education) with its annual symposium at ImPulsTanz.

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