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Jazz Mix

Jazz Dance is a synthesis of many different expressions. In this sense, Raza combines a lyrical, fluent and emotional movement language with influences from Ballet, Modern Dance and the Matt Mattox Technique and creates a fine and coherent mixture of different choreographic styles.

ARTISTBIO: Raza Hammadi

Raza Hammadi studied Ballet with Andre Glegolski, Modern Dance with Unrico and Jazz with Matt Mattox, working as Matt Mattox’ assistant until 1980. In 1983, he founded the Ballet Jazz Art Company and in 1995 his own dance school. The quality of his teaching led to a career in Europe and North Africa. He was also the leading professor of Jazz dance in Maurice Bejart’s Mudra school in Brussels. In addition to his work for Ballet Jazz Art, he choreographed for the Opera of Budapest in Hungary, Cie. Carte Blanche in Norway, The Opera of Gothenburg in Sweden and the National Theatre of Tunisia.
Meanwhile he runs a second dance school in Vichy.

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