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Storm’s Breaking class is divided in three parts. The first one is a warm-up followed by the Toprock: it is performed in a vertical position and already indicates – in terms of energy flow – what follows: the Downrock / Floorrock. This is the acrobatic and challenging part of the dance, mostly performed in a crouched position on the floor and is crowned with the Freeze at the end.


The philosophy and technique of Locking are transmitted along with the cultural background of its vocabulary. During the classes, Storm conveys the tales of the moves for a better understanding and a proper execution and form.


The architecture of Popping will be explained through counter movement and fixed points. Storm developed this teaching method in order to facilitate the notion of this dance style’s deeper haptic dimension. Isolation and rhythm exercises assist in learning this style and facilitate the creation of a visual instrument to musical rules.


Storm is one of the most known references in Hip-Hop and street dance history worldwide. His professional career started in 1983. After being part of the first HipHop dance theatre company called "Ghettoriginal", he formed his own company in 1996: the "Storm and Jazzy Project". In 2001 he released a book called "From Swipe to Storm" on the history of Bboying. In 2006 he choreographed the FIFA worldcup opening ceremony. As a cosmopolitan researcher in the field of urban dance development, his expertise has helped building communities and events all across the planet.

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