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Shredding Dancing

The purpose of this workshop is to cultivate mobility and to promote specificity. This is done by paying the outmost attention to the smallest dance-bit and by treating dancing as the fabric of choreographic matter. From the assumption that the structure of the bow is the precondition of all motion and that scrutiny is the best care dancing can get, rather than a regular “dance training”, this is a study in the conditions of change.

Tune in, Turn on and Dance Along

First, we will warm up our flesh and brains, spice up our senses. Then Cristina will teach you some moves, explain how you should dance them (challenging) and why (debatable). After that we will practice together, with great conviction, as if it were very important. Meanwhile, we will come across some other dances, which we will immediately pursue and enjoy.

ARTISTBIO: Cristina Caprioli

Cristina Caprioli is a dancer and a choreographer based in Stockholm, where 1998 she founded ccap, an independent production site for production and dissemination of choreography, still base of all her work. Caprioli’s work ranges from stage performances to films, objects, publications, installations, exhibitions, festivals, seminars, symposiums etc., whilst teaching, touring and running long-term interdisciplinary research projects

Cristina’s work is marked by specificity, complexity and a cerebral high-tech physicality, which challenge normative formats and economies, and provide for articulation of discourse and perception. Cristina is Professor of Choreography and has received a number of prestigious grants and prices. She is currently working on a series of short choreographies orbiting the notion of post-politics imagination, and on the (out-and indoor) performance installation Flat Haze, which undecipherable poetics vibrate an irresistible tune.

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