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Veiling the creation process as act of resistance

This workshop aims to develop working methods that stimulate research, practice and discourse. The participants will work on their own projects, interests or concerns. The practical exercises will be combined with negotiations that encourage the learning process, thus evacuating the conventional forms of transmission and creating a common place for the exchange.

ARTISTBIO: Antia Diaz Otero

Antia Diaz is a choreographer, dancer and researcher graduated in History of Art, she holds a Master’s degree in Theatre Art at the Free University of Brussels. She is currently researching on the creative process in contemporary dance in the frame of a PHD in the same university. In 2009 she started to develop her own work with the creation of the solo Diola, a piece that received the Injuve 2010 award. In the same year, she created Mauvaise herbes au Brass in collaboration with the company Mala Hierba and in 2013 with Marielle Morales Le Pli (Le future n'était pas comme ca), a piece that received the "Best direction“ award at BE Festival (Birmingham, England). As a dancer, she worked with the Cie. Megaló Teatro Móvil, with the theatre maker Michiel Soete, the choreographer Michèle Anne de Mey (Charleroi-Danses), the visual artist Kendell Geers and the Cie. D’ici P/Fré Werbrouck, among others. As an artistic assistant she has worked with the Mala Hierba Company and has collaborated with the Spanish choreographer Janet Novas.

In 2016, German Jauregui and Antia Diaz started an artistic collaboration that includes creation, research and teaching practices. They co-directed the pieces Isaac y Diola (2016) and Rassemblement (2019). From these creations as well as from their previous experiences, they began a reflection on the creation process, its methods and forms of organisation. All these practices have given rise to the “An approach to a creation process“ workshop which is held in different centers, festivals and universities such as the University of Music and Dance of Koln (Germany), Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance of Munich (Germany), SEAD-Salzburg experimental academy of dance (Austria) and Marosi Festival (Italy), among others.

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