ImPulsTanz Workshops 2019 © Emilia Milewska
ImPulsTanz Workshops 2019 © Emilia Milewska
ImPulsTanz Workshops 2019 © Emilia Milewska
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A queer house party: Film Night

This house party welcomes everyone, who loves a good, cheesy dance film. Girls just want to have fun, so step it up to save the last dance in your red shoes during the white nights. Let’s dress up, make popcorn and enjoy the films we love to hate! We will watch, re-enact and develop activities that allow us to think critically about how the identity of a dancer is glamorised.

Commercial Jazz

Chris is an award-winning choreographer and dancer, trained in Ballet, early Modern Dance, Classical and Commercial Jazz, who claims: “I’m a jazzerina!” He is inspired by, among others, Bob Fosse, Matt Mattox and Gus Giordano. In his classes, he enhances the participants’ precision, speed and performance abilities.

ARTISTBIO: Christopher Matthews

Christopher Matthews is an award winning choreographer-dancer with a practice deeply embedded in performing: 20+ years experience in classical ballet, early modern dance, classical/commercial jazz, dance reality TV (Bounce Angola: choreographer/judge, So You Think You Can Dance US/UK and America’s Got Talent: featured contestant) and other commercial contexts. Recently, he worked with Trajal Harrell, Jeremy Shaw, Paula Roselen, Janine Harrington and Tino Sehgal.

"My embodied histories inform my work with interest in versatility/stability of identity in relation to technical codes/formats. With extensive investigation of dance history and contemporary presentation modes, my works dialogue with the spectator on themes of voyeurism, criticism, gender, body image, working conditions, intersections of the classical and contemporary, icon vs self and pop culture. Recent experimentation with the music video format led to Untitled Video Portraits, which won the 2017 1st Prize + Cinema Prize of the 9th International Choreographic Captures Competition (CCC). My work will be presented in cinema networks and festivals across Switzerland, Germany and France from May 2018 and nominated for IMDB Alternative Film Festival as Best Artistic Short."

Past work has been supported by: CreativeWorks London (entrepreneur in residence at Roehampton University), Southbank Centre (dance artist in residence 2012), Jardin D’Europe (WildCard residency in Zagreb), ImPulsTanz (danceWEB scholarship 2016) and through presentation contexts in Europe, USA and Asia.

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