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Secret Art: The Movement Between Us

Dance is positioned within the gap between our physical being and its image; between other’s gaze at us and our thoughts about the others; between what exists in our consciousness and the images we perceive through our senses. We will call this exclusive gap between us “Spirit Dance” and ask what manifestations of dance, thought and art may open up for us.

Young Girls Wanna Dance Their Spirit

In this workshop, performers will learn how to dance for themselves, how to ignore the outer gaze but also use it, in real-time, in real conflict, in order to dive deep into themselves. At the same time, an intimate group will be created that is expressing its spirits alone and together – without trying to express it, putting the emphasis on the process happening while dancing, and not on a pre-imagined image.

ARTISTBIO: Lilach Livne

Lilach Pnina Livne (1986) is an artist who focuses on the relationship between choreography, philosophy, religion, healing, new technology & community. Her practice is one of constant research and experimentation; she creates performances, parties, lectures, public acts, meetings, prayers, schools, labs, performative exhibitions and theory.

Livne suggests new self-perception techniques, called The Non-Image and The Darkened Body, which she believes can fulfill dance's potential to create manifested philosophy and a transformative mix between art and reality.
As an artist, Livne presented her works at the 20th Biennale of Sydney, Coventry University, Bikini Gallery Basel, Salonul De Projecte Bucharest, CCA TLV, Bat-Yam Museum, TLV Museum among others and in 2018 her practice book Prayer for the Abstract was published by Circadian, an organisation in Berlin.

In 2012 Livne established a CLUB called the Non-Image and since then the club creates different platforms for new thoughts to appear: workshops, conferences, exhibitions, manifests etc.
In 2019 Livne started a new format of exhibition called The Thing which is based on research & process and has different forms in reality. It connects artists who explore the next level of art in society, and are willing to re-question new forms of existence.The Thing is happening in museums and in different Kibbutz.

In 2018 Livne established two independent schools with local collaborators – a programme for New Choreography called Retre-Art, and a program for Dancers Called La Collectiz!.
Beside those independent initiatives Livne also works at At Risk Youth institutes in Israel, incorporating her artistic research of body-image and meeting the other into social work.

Studied Philosophy and Gender Studies at Tel-Aviv University, Choreography at the School for the Arts in Amsterdam SNDO and Experimental Dance at SEAD Salzburg. In 2012 received the danceWEB scholarship in the frame of ImPulsTanz Festival.

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