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Street Jazz HipHop Workshop ImPulsTanz 2018 © Emilia Milewska
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This workshop of Jermaine has a strong “femme energy”. The style he brings is sensual, hard-hitting and sexy while combining the use of clean lines and precision. Jermaine pushes the dancers beyond familiar technique in order to find the connection between music and movement on a deeper emotional level.

Street Jazz / HipHop

This is a unique fusion of Jazz, HipHop and Funk, full of Jermaine’s electrifying combination of strength and sensuality. His hard-hitting style combines clean lines with fleshliness. The teaching will focus on enhancing the participants’ natural abilities.

ARTISTBIO: Jermaine Browne

Captivating the attention of the entertainment industry Jermaine Browne’s work is a unique combination of strength and sensuality. His passion for dance continues to evolve and inspire artists in music, fashion and even charity. Today, Jermaine is cultivating an international career as an innovative choreographer alongside his list of international clients including Greek superstar Anna Vissi, the British Music Awards, pop group Infernal, Conor Maynard and DJ Fresh to name a few.

Jermaine’s career took off when he was discovered as a performer in a Blockbuster/Visa commercial with Cindy Crawford. This led to commercial work with Gap, Nike and Toyota and later came video creations for Christina Aguilera’s “Genie in a Bottle” and Jennifer Lopez’ music video “Love Don’t Cost a Thing.” Success in music videos allowed Jermaine to contribute to the 2005 European MTV Music Awards, including the holographic performance of the Gorillaz and Borat.

Since then, Jermaine has choreographed films for the global fashion house Louis Vuitton and the designers Marc Bouwer and Rachel Roy, which earned him an accolade for best film at La Jolla Fashion Film Awards. Jermaine is known for his signature style and cultivates unique projects like a dance for The Heineken “Green Synergy” campaign. He has been Movement Coach for actress Emily Blunt, dance curator for Hotel Yotel and further works on expanding his unique approach to creative dance. Crafting greater success in his genre Jermaine collaborated on Leona Lewis’ Labyrinth tour in the UK and in the last four years has developed choreography for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, including performances from Justin Timberlake and Nicki Minaj.

In 2011 Jermaine Browne collaborated with fashion designer Dominic Louis to develop a fashion line inspired by dance. The 15-piece capsule collection is an extension of Jermaine’s inventive attitude towards a life full of dance, movement and creativity. The collection is sold privately on and includes a limited edition of leotards, jumpsuits, and soft knits.

Jermaine continues to open doors for future success and thus, Spring 2012 anticipates the launch of Respect My Step, his newest project set to connect the dance and art communities via viral video. Respect My Step will be recognised as an online community where dancers and non-dancers alike can come together to share ideas in dance, culture, and innovation.

Jermaine Browne is an international choreographer and teaches at Broadway Dance Center in New York City.
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