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Drills and Flying Heads

Inspired by our planet, this research-based workshop is directed at the vertical. Using Contact Improvisation, Real Time Composition, solo movement research, blind dance, writing, reading and drawing, vertical elements are explored in horizontal movement.

ARTISTBIO: Cornelia Scheuer

Cornelia Scheuer is a performer and actress in the independent scene and co-founded the performance group Bilderwerfer in 1994. With the first Austrian mixed-abled dance ensemble she performed in numerous improvisations and choreographed pieces in Austria and abroad, including the USA and Europe. In 2006, after the dissolving of the Bilderwerfer ensemble, she created performances under the label LizArt Productions together with Elisabeth Löffler.
With Yosi Wanunu and Cornelia Kilga of Toxic Dreams she has a long-lasting and enjoyable collaboration, most recently for The Audition for the Role of Stephen Hawking in the Theory of Everthing, which was revived at ImPulsTanz 2017.
The intersection of dance, performance and acting plays an important role through her entire artistic career. On the one hand, she is politically committed to the equal rights of people with disabilities and, on the other hand, her artistic projects are characterised by a refreshing "political incorrectness".

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