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Folktrance & Ecstatic Bodies

In 2018 the FolkTranceParty research and workshop happened for the first time at the ImPulsTanz festival and as the result of this workshop were many ecstatic bodies in space. Now FolktranceParty comes back in a new form. Ecstatic Body? What does this mean? Being high on drugs, sexy and enlightened? Well, no and maybe. The Ecstatic Body is used here as a symbol of the ecstatic potential – the ability of self empowerment, natural high, expansion of consciousness and the freedom – we all carry and are able to access and practise through meditation, dancing, singing, breathing, rituals, party, intimacy – in a conscious and mindful way and therefore anchored by and in our bodies.

This workshop proposes ways to discover this ecstatic potential, which allows us to drop into a state of being moved rather than moving actively. The tools for this will be Folk, Trance and Party used in four stages of getting in touch. Getting in touch with: self, other, all and the unknown. Self as in starting with practices on our own in silence, then getting in touch with the other as couples, later into the all by group practices and then into the unknown. Folk comes in by using social dances, folkdance and -music (all) and couple dances (other). The confrontation with Folk is there as well, to get in touch with our relation to blocks and boundaries of the personal and social body and in couples. Additionally it will create a relation to our national body, national identity, roots and home. Trance is used here as a symbol for transformational processes, meditation (self) or states of being moved (the unknown). Party describes a way of transformation and learning by using joyful resources, accessing pleasure and celebrating. Here we use conscious dancefloor and – party practices, mindfulness practices and body oriented practices like whirling, shaking, latihan, etc.

ARTISTBIO: Simon Mayer

Simon Mayer is a performer, choreographer and musician, was born in Austria in 1984 and studied at the Vienna State Opera Ballet School, at the Performing Arts - Research Studios in Brussels (P.A.R.T.S.) and was a member of the Vienna State Opera Ballet. 2009 he founded his band "Rising halfmoon" as singer, songwriter and guitarist. Simon worked a.o. for Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker ("The Song"), Wim Vandekeybus ("Frisking") and Zita Swoon. He choreographed several solos, duos and group pieces, which are internationally presented ("o feather of lead”, “dancing with the soundhobbyist/zita swoon", "kopf hoch", "monkeymind", "SunBengSitting" etc.). Simon was artist in residency at Theatre de L’L in Brussels and together with his association m-arts he organises the international art festival SPIEL.

Simon grew up on a farm in Upper Austria. Folk dance and folk music are part of his background, and at the moment also the central theme in his artistic career. Both his last piece "SunBengSitting" and his latest choreography "Sons of Sissy" deal with folk art a.o. As a guest lecturer, he taught contemporary dance and folk dance at the Conservatory Vienna and at various festivals (ImPulsTanz, Nueva Verta Festival Kuopio, Games Festival, etc.).


Mahara McKay was born and raised in NZ, half Maori, half Swiss. For 10 years Mahara was working as an international DJ where her main gift was to bring a mixed crowed of people, all ages, to come together and share, dance and celebrate. She played at the Tony Hawk show, X-Games, New York Fashion Week, opened the stage for Mark Ronson, John Legend, Grandmaster Flash etc., and composed 3 songs for the renown Cafe Del Mare compilation.
Now she only plays where there's no drugs or alcohol consumed. Where people purely come for the joy of dance and share an open mind for different flavours of music, transformational processes and inner work.
Mahara additionally started her yoga journey in 2004 in New York, which was followed by further studies in tantra, breath work, meditation with masters in India, Bali, Thailand and NZ.
She built up 2 yoga studios in New Zealand and for the past years has been invited to facilitate her workshops and trainings around the globe. Mahara is an integrative health coach and facilitator of yogic, tantric & shamanic arts. She holds Tantra Energy intensive programs that guide people to move beyond their fears and step into a deep space of self-love, authenticity, joy and peace of mind
More about her education or upcoming trainings can be found here on her website.



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