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Essential Movement: AirTrack Dance 55+

Think globally, dance locally

The motto is: Never stop moving! We use low-level motion, inspired by animals and babyhood, as well as simple sitting and standing movement drills. We work with a partner in the safe environment of the AirTrack floor, which works like a huge trampoline and enables "bigger" movement for everyone no matter what age or experience.

After last year's great "dancing in the rain experience" at the JumpAround classes for the public and my regular teaching (kids and adults) at Lyma Studio with the AirTrack floor I further develop the Bodyparkour© method, which opens up new possibilities. I call it the concept of Essential Movement and "global dancing: think global dance local".


BodyParkour (10+)

Heroes in overcoming obstacles!

BodyParkour is an urban art and dance related form of movement. Akos created this word combination out of the word body and the street art form Parkour. Influences of this particular style are Parkour, Tricking, HipHop and Breaking, Capoeira and the Circus, but most of all Contemporary Dance.
During the workshop we will make specific movements to prepare ourselves for the physical movements, creating dance combinations, some small body-stunt moves and easy acrobatic dance movements. The movement quality has a touch of reference to our great comic action hero Jackie Chan. We will use our body as obstacle and use a specific cube assembled out of scaffolding.
Everyone who always wanted to try out a challenging and trendy dance style including all these elements, is WELCOME.
Bring comfortable shoes (sneakers), knee pads and if possible elbow pads!
Bodyparkour® teaching and performing method is pioneering a hybrid movement form (animal & human locomotion, Tricking, Breaking, Parkour, contemporary, Contact Improvisation and Partnering).

ARTISTBIO: Ákos Hargitay

Ákos Hargitay was born in Budapest and is living in Vienna since 2006. Since 1988 he danced in the field of contemporary dance with various local Hungarian, Austrian and international dance groups and choreographers such as Eszter Gál, Willi Dorner, Sebastian Prantl, Bert Gstettner/Tanz*Hotel, Sasha Waltz & Guests, David Zambrano for the Ballroom Project in NYC, Scott Wells in San Francisco, Vicky Shick/Joanna M. Shaw/Alan Good from NYC.

Currently he is working for LYMA / learning for life / Vienna for a contemporary dance education program called CONdance, where he is teaching Contact Improvisation and Partnering, dance acrobatics and contemporary dance techniques. He has been teaching dance at Anton Bruckner Private University Linz, SEAD Salzburg, Tanzquartier Vienna, Conservatory of Vienna, Company Willi Dorner, MMS Budapest, Dance Conservatory Györ and the City Ballet Company Pécs, Workshop Foundation Budapest, L1 DanceLab Budapest, Call Arts L.A. a.o. In 2000 he has established the first weekly Contact Jam in Budapest together with Michaela Hargitay.

In 1996 Michaela and Ákos Hargitay founded the Company Two in One. Their work has been presented at various festivals and theatres such as Susan Hess Studio (Philadelphia), Aerowaves (The Place, London), Dance Theater Workshop (NYC), Judson Church (NYC), Mains d' Cuvres (Paris), Opening Doors Wales (UK), Tanzquartier Vienna, Imagetanz Vienna, dieTheater Wien, Tanzsprache and Neuer Tanz (Vienna/WUK), Unidram Festival Potsdam, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Wagon Halle (Marburg-Germany), Contemporary Dance Festivals in Luxembourg, Poland, Latvia, the Ukraine a.o. Their full-length evening production "free fall" was premiered in 2003 in cooperation with Tanzquartier Vienna and Szene Bunte Wähne Festival. Prizes and residencies include: 1999 ArtsLink Award (USA) and Suitcase Fund, Residency at the DTW in New York, 2001 Artist in Residence at the Mains d'Oeuvre in Paris, 2005 Artist in Residence at the CCL Linz, 2009 Artist in Residence at SEAD, 2006 Budapest Fringe Award for the Best Performance and in 2010 "Freerunning & Bodyparkour" nominated for Stella10 and "Home Parkour" was nomintated for Stella 13 - Performing Arts Prize for a Young Audience.


Dancer: Helmut Fixl © Johanna Figl

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