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© He Shao Hui
© He Shao Hui
© He Shao Hui

Holistic Body Training aka Bounce and Shake

Strength-, flexibility-, coordination- and cardio-vascular training based on approved body and training knowledges, elements of Yoga, Qi Gong, Nei Gong and Contemporary Dance focussing the fascial system, getting our grooves on fed by exquisite music.
Fascia loves diversity. It vitalizes when it is squeezed, shoved, softened up or stroked.  It also becomes more adoptable and juicy when one is bouncing, shaking or moving into multiple directions. Maybe this is one reason why it is the favoured tissue in sports science and research on physical training in the last ten or fifteen years.  However, recent discoveries in fascial science are long applied in ancient movement practices such as some forms of Yoga and Qi Gong as well as in Tuina (a Chinese manual type of body therapy). It is astonishing as well that fascial chains are often postulated along meridians (referring to meridians as used in TCM). And yet knowledge about fascia and its functions was accessible in the western world, see for example the work of the anatomist Jean Marc Bourgery (19th century) or the pioneering work of the biochemist Ida Rolf (USA 20th century).
Along these lines in this class we will draw on central aspects of diverse movement disciplines from various eras, cultures and continents. We will celebrate movement diversity and body intelligence and indulge in the connective and separating aspects of the fascial system and its expressions while getting our grooves on fed by exquisite music.

ARTISTBIO: maRia Probst

Since 1999 maRia Probst is a freelance Dance/Performance artist and teacher of Contemporary Dance originally trained at the Anton Bruckner Private University of Linz. During her training at Moving on Center in San Francisco she certified as Somatic Educator and Participatory Arts Practitioner. She has worked in collective settings, traditional choreographer / dancer relationships, developed her solo work, curated, designed and organized artistic events. She has worked for more than ten years with drama school students pedagogically and artistically mainly in the field of site specific performance. Since more than fifteen years she is co-leading rollingpoint (an association for Contact Improvisation and related dance and movement practices). Since 2007 together with colleagues she is fostering interdisciplinary and artistic foundational research with special interest in practising performance scores which examine perceptual-, cognitive- and decision-making processes. The focus of their research is on probing somatic methods in regard to applicability in performance settings and translation processes in between kinaesthetic, tactile, visual and acoustic experiences.
Her current works like "Twist&Talk" (TQW, Im_flieger 2018), "The Body is and is and is" (Künstlerhaus 2017), "Nachtgewebe" (Urhof 20 2015) are hybrids between participatory art with a mediating aspect to it and post or postpostmodern performance-settings. maRia Probst is a Tuina-Practitioner, Somatic Educator, Somatic Fascia-Therapist and a mother.



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