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Dance for Health, ImPulsTanz Workshop 2018 © Emilia Milewska
Dance for Health, ImPulsTanz Workshop 2018 © Emilia Milewska
© Andrew Mournehis
ImPulsTanz Workshops 2017 © Emilia Milewska
ImPulsTanz Workshops 2017 © Emilia Milewska
ImPulsTanz Workshops 2017 © Emilia Milewska
© Dhiraj Kulkarni
© Dhiraj Kulkarni

The 6th Element

Dance as dialogue between cultures

What do the five elements of Chinese philosophy have in common with the Gods and Goddesses expressed in Yoga and Hinduism? What energies do they move? Where do they meet in a space of similarity and synergy? Where do they differ? Can we create a 6th Elemental realm through dance, movement, yoga and embodiment?

Fabiana and Andrew, with over 50 years shared experience in their arts, dance and healing fields are merging and uniting the concepts of two cultures. Both Eastern, merged to bring them to life in our Western Culture. Both ancient and rich in metaphors, two different worldviews, search for this 6th Element: An Abstract yet Universal energetic force and pulsation that guides us, unites us...motivates, inspires and liberates US. This workshop will merge Chinese Medicine "5 Elements" Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire from the view of Dance for Health with Yoga, Dance, Mythology and Storytelling ("4 of my greatest passions" as Andrew would say), in search of a universal principle that empowers life. Each day a Chinese element will invite a Hindu deity to dialogue through dance and its energies opening the space for reflection. Let the Gods and Goddesses dance: Ganesha, Mahakala/ Shiva, Saraswati, Bagalamukhi and Krishna in a dialogue with the 5 Elements until only the essence of them remains, floating in space without cultural borders. The 6th element, simply Divine and Transcendent!

ARTISTBIO: Fabiana Pastorini

Fabiana Pastorini was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina). She received first lessons in dance at the age of nine, attended the National Dance School parallel to her high school years and obtained a Bachelor degree in Pedagogy. She specialised on Modern dance, learning the two most important techniques - Graham and Horton - 1988 in New York. In Germany she met Ismael Ivo for the first time in 1991, resulting in a collaboration for a span of several years.
Since 1992 Fabiana resides in Vienna. She teaches and choreographs at the Ballet School of the State Opera of Vienna, the Conservatory Private University of Vienna, the Ballettseminar Wolfsegg, Tanz für Europa and in various European cities.
Since 2014 she is a regular teacher at the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna.

Dance for Health

Fabiana's long-standing experience in dance, her studies of Kinesiology and Holistic Breathing Technique lead to the development of her own " technique – "Dance for Health. This unprecedented system has the goal to help people become more aware of themselves. Dance for Health is energetic work combining elements of dance and body work. Various techniques from meditation, breathing techniques, dance, Touch for Health and many more are used to stimulate energy and help getting in touch with our inherent strengths and potentials.

Dance – Nature – Culture

Fabiana's growing interest in the healing methods of the Quetchuas Aymaras (descendants of the Inkas) in her home country, led to regular visits in North Argentina, where she could deepen her connection to her roots. The inseparable connection of this culture with her surrounding brought her to invite more and more people to dance at pristine places, in the midst of nature. This led to a new series of week seminars, not just in Argentina but also in Hawaii and India bringing participants to a natural stage setting, such as beaches, mountains, deserts and rivers facilitating the strengthening of the connection to this source.

ARTISTBIO: Andrew Mournehis

Andrew Mournehis was living his dream as a dancer and choreographer when his career was cut short by a life-changing knee injury and serious illness in 1995. He was working for Tina Turner at the time, and it was her that initiated him into the world of Spirituality and the Divine through Buddhism. His crisis forced him to seek a healing path, and he turned to yoga to heal his body and soul, falling in love with the practice and teaching to packed yoga classes by 1999. Passionate about the healing power of group, mythology and stories, he combined his love for Yoga with transpersonal healing to create transformative spaces for participants. Andrew teaches a combination of Hatha, Bhakti and Tantra Yoga, and his unique teaching style is rich in heart and soul, tantric philosophy, inspiration, storytelling, Mantra and the spirit of the divine. Andrew has spent almost 20 years facilitating many healing groups, workshops, and retreats in Yoga, movement, Tantra, mythology, and transpersonal modalities. He boasts over 16 years of experience in Transpersonal Counselling and Art Therapy Techniques, 20 years of Yoga teaching and over 25 years’ experience in the fields of creative arts and dance.

His qualifications include:
Diploma of Health in Yoga (CAE)
Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling (Ikon Institute Of Victoria)
Senior Level 3 Certified Yoga Instructor With The Yoga Teachers Association (YTA) Teaching Faculty and Assessment Co-coordinator for Academy of Yoga Learning (2003–2017)
Lecturer at the Phoenix Institute of Victoria and Ikon Institute (2010–present)
Creator and Founder of "Dance of the Deities"
Andrew Mournehis is also Creative director of Divinegrace Yoga.


Dancer: Helmut Fixl © Johanna Figl

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