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© LEE Jinyoung
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Movement...curved, fast and delicate

Meditation, Lightness, Jangdan

Although Kim Jae-Duk's movement is curved, it features a fast and delicate rhythm. Because of this, the dancer's clarity is important in order to fully absorb the movement without losing detail. The workshop consists of basic activities that facilitate calmness and allow to merely work with the body. It is using motives in nature and everyday motives and is divided into gestures and postures.

In this class, we will use selected movements to explore how the accompanying breathing and muscles are used, share Kim Jae-Duk's choreographic process and to combine it freely with individual movements. You will learn about unique movements with names such as air, swimming, towel, cloud walker, principle, and leaves.

After all the exercises you will learn to dance through methods of Kim Jae-Duk.

Meditation (Adagio) – breath, verticality and attack
By feeling the breath through the diaphragm and recognising the verticality through engaging the body in up and down movements, to train the centre of the body and "blow", which is the fundamental principle of Kim Jae-Duk's dance. The behaviour during meditation is a feature, and in order to make use of this, classes are started according to the song "Zing", composed by Kim Jae-Duk himself. Zing is an instrument used in Korean folk music such as Samurunori.
All songs used in the lesson have been created specially for each exercise.

Lightness (Allegro) – circulation and Velocity
We will learn the movement of the upper body motivated by nature such as towel, air, swimming, whirlwind, wind, inspired by the Korean traditional culture. Recognising the lightness of the body to maintain the state of meditation, strong and fast movements and how they can be controlled without imposing force on the body, will also be part of the training.

Jangdan (Grand Allegro) – Dionysian and aesthetical Movement
Jangdan is a unit of Korean traditional rhythm. Because it was inspired by Korean folk theatre or martial arts, it was written in Korean originally as Jangdan. Various concepts such as shamanism are used here. We will use various lower body movements and jumps influenced by Taekkyon and Folklore to various Jangdan.


Kim Jae-Duk is known as a choreographer who appreciates movement-oriented expressions, setting aside the narrative structure. Currently, he serves as a resident choreographer at T.H.E Dance Company in Singapore as well as the artistic director of Modern Table Dance Company. Calling himself an "expresser" rather than a choreographer, he produces synesthetic performances that focus on the harmony between dance and music that he composes and directs. In 2017, he was selected as Choreographer of the Year by the Dancers’ Career Development Center and continues to actively pursue his career basing his distinctive works on his Korean style, the style that first appealed to the overseas market, where he has been invited to perform at prestigious venues. He participated as a supervisor representing Korea at Camping été held by the Centre National de la Danse (CND) in Paris, France. He has also been invited to choreograph and compose music by the following dance companies: Balé Cidade de São Paulo (for the creation "NAK:TA"), Bale Teatro Castro Alves in Salvador, Brazil (Name of work: "RUB-DUB"), Curitiba Municipal Ballet (Brazil, "Super Natural"), Companhia de Danças de Diadema, Brazil ("Força Fluida"), Compañia Nacional de Danza Contemporanea ("Tension Espacial"), D.F.W (Dance of world) in Basel (Switzerland, "HA-KI"), T.H.E Dance Company in Singapore (10 pieces including "Mr. Sign"), New Zealand Dance Company ("SI-GAN"), and the Hongkong City Contemporary Dance Company ("Jang-dan").


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