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© Marika Rakoczy
© Marika Rakoczy
© Marika Rakoczy

Yoga X Spiraldynamik – The Breath

Atmen, Breathe, Respirer, Respirar, Respirare, Anapneo, Andas, Puste, Kokyu Suru, Hu Xi, Tanfasu, Ho Heub, Muccu, Nefes Almak, Dyshat, Dykhaty, Disati, Dihati..…..

This year, I have chosen to focus on the creation of new spaces to breathe through the exploration of spirals, waves and eights.
We will get to know different pranayamas (specific breathing exercises) before, during and after the active yoga component of the workshop. The intonation and transition into mantras will also be part of the seminar.
Respectfully adhering to the yoga tradition instilled in me by Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, Mysore, South India, I have chosen to weld multiple yoga styles to create a new whole. I personally love to combine litheness, strength, balance and stillness in my practices.
We will ease into the sequences of the sun salutations (Surya Namaskar) and reach more intense Asanas (postures) after a longer warm-up phase. We will alternate between gentle Vinyasa (movement flow) and postures that are held longer. There will be plenty of time to grow into postures, all while paying attention to detail and alignment. I will draw on knowledge from Applied Anatomy and Spiraldynamik®, which offer a clear basis for our breath to fully develop. Likewise, knowing how to get out of postures plays an important role in our internalisation of the state of meditative practice/being.
This workshop is for all those who seek more respiratory volume, a calmness and serenity and expanded horizons. Through individually chosen paths, yoga can lead to the essence of movement and being.

Breathing: Sanskrit
The immaterial, infinite soul
A breath of life

ARTISTBIO: Claudia Hitzenberger

Claudia Hitzenberger is a dancer, performer, choreographer, Yoga teacher and certified Spiraldynamik® practitioner. She studied Pedagogy for Modern Dance, Chladek technique, choreography and improvisation at the Conservatory of Vienna. Scholarships and further education took her to France and New York, where she trained with Karine Saporta (FR) and at Movement Research / NYC in Release Technique, Improvisation, Contact Improvisation, Flying Low and Feldenkrais. Her biggest sources of inspiration are: Eva Rituper-Dietz, Saburo Teshigawara, Jennifer Lacey, Steve Paxton, Lisa Nelson, and others. Claudia Hitzenberger was a founding member of Tanz*Hotel and worked with companies such as Cataracts, Lawine Torrèn and with Cathy Weis.
Since 1993 she dedicated herself to the study of Yoga and trained in New York e.g. with David Life, Sharon Gannon, Iyengaryoga with Alison West, Kevin Gardiner as well as in Mysore/India (Ashtanga Yoga with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Pranayama with B.N.S. Iyengar).
In addition she engages in voice work, which she learned from Krishna Das (New York), Ida Kelarova and Dezo Duzda (CZ).Claudia was a moving model for many visual artists, delves into meditation, has a Level Intermediate certificate in Spiraldynamik® and is trained in Applied Anatomy and Intelligent Movement. Her longstanding teaching experience in the fields of dance and Yoga didn’t keep her only in Austria, but lead her also to New York City, Haripur/India, Turkey, Kreta and Croatia. Since 2015 Claudia Hitzenberger engages in human rights activism projects.


Dancer: Helmut Fixl © Johanna Figl

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