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Moving Alchemy

Moving Alchemy is a somatically-based, improvisationally and technically challenging practice in which touch is a primary training tool. Using Chi-Cultivation consisting of movement and breath exercises that articulate the spine, work the muscles, touch all the meridians, it will raise your physical energy and your consciousness building strength and vitality.

This class is also a research ground for touch and the training it offers.
Each class is standalone and there is also a rhythm that develops from beginning through the week that stacks information together as a practice that is detailed and specific. We could call this a technical training through the lens of improvisation.
It rides on the edge of improvisation and form. It’s the most beautiful magical place to be, collaborating with and listening into the "unknown" as the primary practice of research.

Structure: scramble technique warm-up, Chi-Cultivation and research of the day.
We will cover the basics of:
• Solo Neutral Follow – are you in your body? An improvisational puzzle so you will never be bored again and you will know who’s body you are in.
• Space and Geometry – lei lines and space as driver and partner
• Spacial Gap – everything in-between that is a connector of before touch, touch, and after
• Pulse Points – periphery to core and back – navel and head – weights and the play of gravity and levity in motion and last if not least if we get there – implied direction.


The Energetic body

Playing in the field of space, time, weight and relationship. Owning your choices while establishing personal and impersonal game plans we enter the terrain of choice, focus, ease and clarity.

Techniques that will be covered are:
•  Space – Space and geometry
•  The spatial gap and universal energy
•  SNF/solo/neutral/follow/whose body are you in
•  Transparency and the witness
•  Breath and journey work
•  Separating tracks/fields of information in interaction
•  NLP – visual, kinesthetic auditory and auditory digital
•  Touch and anchoring
•  Bringing them in 1 at a time and holding them as tracks of information
• The imagination muscles – writing for dancers and everyone else – looking into portals, interim spaces and moving from practical to "what if" back to the "what am I seeing, feeling, knowing right here right now."

Chi-Cultivation included – A series of movement/breath exercises that articulate the spine, work the muscles, touch all the meridians and will raise your physical energy and your consciousness building strength and vitality while moving through space and interacting with others.

ARTISTBIO: Sara Shelton Mann

Sara Shelton Mann has been a choreographer, performer, and teacher since 1967. She was a protégé of Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis in New York City before moving to Canada where she met Andrew Harwood and fell in love with Contact Improvisation. In 1979 she moved to San Francisco to work with Mangrove, now Mixed Bag Productions, for which she serves as artistic director. One of its early manifestations was the company Contraband, launched as a performance group and research ground combining the principles of contact, systems of the body and spiritual practice into a unified system of research. Among her awards are a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, 7 Isadora Duncan Awards, including a special achievement award for "erasing time: celebrating 30 years a radical dance legend" (Sara Shelton Mann with David Szlasa and Norman Rutherford), Djerassi Artist in Residence Awards, Headlands Center for the Arts Residency 2016, Lifetime Achievement Bay Guardian Award, 10 Women Who Made a Difference, Bay Guardian "Goldie" Award, Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grants to Artists award (2016). Her Movement Alchemy training is an on-going teaching project and is influenced by certifications and studies in the metaphysical and healing traditions. Sara’s performance work is a platform for collaboration and research in consciousness.


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