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© Emilia Milewska
© © Emilia Milewska

African Percussion

Music unites

Mamadou M´Baye teaches polyrhythm from Senegal, introduces a wide range of sounds and tones and different forms of musical improvisation. The workshop consists of auditory training, simple and complex African rhythms, played either with two hands or with one hand and one stick. Mamadou offers an insight into the interrelation of the dancing body and the rhythm of the drums. This is how he as a storyteller creates choreography and musical composition.


African Dance

If you can walk you can dance

For Mamadou M’Baye African dance is first of all the joy of moving with the music of drums. He is teaching original African dances intending to make the participants aware of the unity of music and the body. Mamadou refers not only to traditional and ritual dances from Senegal but also from West Africa in general teaching both their origins and their meaning.

Afrikanischer Kindertanz

Stories accompanied by drums

Mamadou's long-standing presence at ImPulsTanz speaks in the favour of the dancer, musician, poet and storyteller. The songs for children from his native Senegal make for a lot of material for dance stories, which are accompanied by Mamadou's live drumming. Songs and dances are created in different formations, while it does not matter how far developed the sense of rhythm or dance skills are. Mamadou is an expert in passing on his love for music and dance. Catchy tunes are guaranteed!

ARTISTBIO: Mamadou M'Baye

More than twenty years now the Senegalese Mamadou M‘Baye – member of an old Griot family – has been a cultural ambassador in Europe, regarding himself as a modern traditionalist. In the original meaning of his African culture a dancer as much as a musician and storyteller Mamadou considers himself mainly as a cultural go-between. Mamadou M’Baye is first of all dancer, musician and poet, relating to his African culture, an ambassador between people and personalities of different cultures. He is an exemplary intermediator of the relationship between the dancing body and the rhythm of the percussion. He is a storyteller, who plays an important part in his own choreographies and compositions.


Dancer: Helmut Fixl © Johanna Figl

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