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Heilsamer Tanz

Conscious feeling,
engaging in dialogue,
touching freedom,
dancing development.

HEILSAMER TANZ (Healing Dance) is dancing through touch, with a partner or in a group.
Your touch helps me to better feel my body.
We feel ourselves to better feel each other.
HEILSAMER TANZ is improvised but always conscious.
In HEILSAMER TANZ, I find my self-expression und am seen by you.
In HEILSAMER TANZ you discover the dance that I can dance with you.
We encounter ourselves. We encounter each other. We encounter our own feelings.
HEILSAMER TANZ is arriving at a place of mutual support.
HEILSAMER TANZ plays around with the polarities and qualities of life.
In HEILSAMER TANZ, thinking becomes one with action, touching with doing.
Healing joy may well blossom.


Somatic Movement

Feel – Move – Be Happy

Somatic Movement was developed to make inner alignment, a meditative mind, health and bodily freedom easily accessible to everyone.

Somatic Movement encourages people to listen to the messages from within the body and to discover their idiosyncratic movement vocabulary.

Somatic Movement emphasises on the heedful and caring perception of bodily processes and movements. The somatic dialogue, the sensing as question and answer enhances self-organisation and development of a person.

By the means of Somatic Movement we encounter the wisdom of the lively experience, which results from an "attention to" instead of "control" or "mastering" of processes of life. The somatic movement is a discovery by nature.

The practice of Somatic Movement:
Easy Positions
Effortless Movements
Mindful Attention
Joyful Breathing

Feel mindfully the qualities of your body
Feel your weight
Feel your breath
Listen to yourself mindfully and from within yourself to find your own wisdom and to develop your own health.

Learn the form
Forget the form
Listen to the answer of your body
Find your personal movement
The quality of your feeling is more important than the form of your body’s position.
Move freely

No Pain – No Risk of Injury – No Over-Ambition – No Guru

• Harmonises body and mind
• Improves alignment and micro-coordination of the body
• Releases tensions and pain
• Leads to ease and beauty in movement
• Improves alignment and coordination through improvisation and exploration on gravity and touch
• Improves health
• Changes movement and the whole life
• Opens emotional channels for the creative process

Somatic Movement is the ideal supplement and preparation for other movement and dance techniques (such as Contact Improvisation). Somatic Movement simplifies the principles of the Physio-Mental Development method.

ARTISTBIO: Dieter Rehberg

Bacc. Dieter Rehberg, RSMT, is performer, Physiological Couselor (LSB), Somatic Movement Therapist (ISMETA) and Massage Therapist. He developed his method integrating different dance, Bodywork and counselling techniques from his professional work as somatic therapist and combined it with his insights into Buddhist theory and practice. He is the director of the Institut für Physio-Mentale Entwicklung and host of the WienJam. Since 19 years he works in his private practice in Vienna and teaches nationally and internationally. His main concern in his workshops and seminars is a clear and coherent communication of the content in a mindful atmosphere and to never leave any open questions.



Dancer: Helmut Fixl © Johanna Figl

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