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Matter Of Fascia by Kerstin Kussmaul © Hamish Macdonald
Matter Of Fascia by Kerstin Kussmaul © Hamish Macdonald
Matter Of Fascia by Kerstin Kussmaul © Hamish Macdonald
Matter Of Fascia by Kerstin Kussmaul © Hamish Macdonald
© Emilia Milewska

Gravityhappens: what the fascia?

a crossover of experiential anatomy, movement training  and improvisation

The slightly mysterious fascia is the counterpart of muscular action in movement. Muscle and fascia dialogue with and complement each other, and good fascia training makes movement effortless, fluid and integrated. This crossover workshop circulates movement and touch scores, improvisations and other ideas ranging from the subtle to the cardiovascular to stimulate fascia action. We bounce, jump, shake, take detailed stock of internal awareness, and experiment with relationship of tonus, weight and space. We play with fascia as environment and liquid crystal. Floating compression, or tensegrity, is a key aspect in fascia that will be explored in threedimensional stretches and in a variety of movement explorations. Fascia exercises are easy to grasp, but initiate deep and subtle changes in the body’s ability to relate to itself and to the outside world.

ARTISTBIO: Kerstin Kussmaul

Kerstin Kussmaul is a dance researcher and Somatic Movement Educator. She currently researches fascia and embodiment within her PhD at the University of Auckland, NZ.
She studied Music and Dance, Somatics, Myoreflex Therapy and Yoga and teaches embodiment and dance in Europe and New Zealand. Kerstin founded the IDOCDE network (International Documentation of Contemporary Dance Education). In a three year project, Kerstin researches together with cognitive scientist Michael Kimmel distributed creativity in Contact Improvisation. Artistic collaborators in present and past are Nita Little, Jan Burkhardt, Lizz Roman, SOMEX (Mariella Greil, Sabina Holzer, Ria Probst and Sylvia Scheidl) a. o.


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