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visual arts X dance


Time and again, ImPulsTanz places special focuses in their workshop Programme. For example, in 2016 the visual arts X dance focus was launched in collaboration with Tino Sehgal and Louise Höjer.

"In recent years there has been a resurgence of interest in the live event in the field of visual art, and at the same time the dance field increasingly situates what it does in within theoretical discourses coming out of visual art history. On a level of study however there is very little possibility for students of visual art to learn about composing in time and directing, and dancers and choreographers usually have little access to the operational procedures and embodied thought-styles of the art world other than reading art history and visiting exhibitions. Our workshop programme pairs artists from both fields to allow for an exchange of craft and techniques for dance as well as visual art practitioners to participate in." – Tino Sehgal

Since then the visual arts X dance department continues the dialogue between the two art forms at ImPulsTanz. The workshops open their doors to art students and artists, performers and choreographers, curators and everyone working on the edges of visual arts and dance.

© Eva Würdiger

Philipp Gehmacher

Black, White, Grey: Who’s afraid?

Week1: 16–20 July, 10:00–16:00
It seems that my current preoccupation boils down to the question of what different artistic disciplines do. I’m interested how ideas in dance performance and the visual arts meet or not, where they’ve been together all along and where they are maybe better to be kept apart. The history of the institutional spaces of dance performance and visual art and the perception of performing bodies and objects within them will be the starting point of our discussion.

© Sasha Pirogova

Sasha Pirogova

Obstacle is a Driver of Miracle

Week1: 16–20 July, 17:30–20:00
Was sind unsere Grenzen? Was fürchten wir? Was wollen wir? Unser Körper weiß alles, wir müssen ihn nur sprechen lassen. Mithilfe von Vorstellungskraft, Transformation und Vereinfachung werden wir die Treiber der echten persönlichen Expressionen jeder Teilnehmerin und jedes Teilnehmers ausfindig machen.

Isabel Lewis

Unambitious Stripper

Intensive1: 21+22 July, 12:15–18:15
Departing from feminist sociologist Roslyn Wallach Bologh's notion of "erotic sociability" as a form of interhuman sociality as an alternative to the dominant 20th century relational modes of competition, conflict, and coercion, this workshop will focus on the tuning and heightening of the senses in order to facilitate a state of hyper-presence that will be the aid towards generative and affective forms of being and dancing together in heterotopic space. 

Jennifer Lacey

Institute of the Kenns

Week2: 23–27 July, 10:00–16:00
Ken Russell and Kenneth Anger, their films believe in symbol and they also believe in flesh and it doesn’t make sense. They both work the magic of subversion but what is that really? Something quite different for each of them, Russell is much more about the necessity of rubbing up against the normative in order to feel the release whereas Anger is up to something else entirely (maybe). Where are we now with our notions of identity, symbol and flesh and resistance? What do we want and need from this moment of re-calibration? It’s such a rich mess. Let’s spend some time there with our nasty old uncles making a dance in the mulch of the disintegrating patriarchy.

Daniel Aschwanden & Barbara Eichhorn


Intensive2: 28+29 July, 12:15–18:15
Aschwanden / Eichhorn invite the participants to an initially "guided", then independently created, improvisational process. Thus, the choreographic angle is drawn, danced with the experience of drawing, whereby the dance inspires the drawing, just as the sketch is spontaneously interpreted as a notation and a score for movement. The surface of the drawing is the physical opposite of the unbound dance: in space, on the wall, on the floor.


Esther Balfe & Christina Jauernik


Intensive3: 04+05 August, 12:15–18:15
Exterior and interior oscillating perspectives embodied across and beyond the physical and virtual. The space consists of a technical set up – becoming our environment where figures and bodies are housed in a techno-media setting. A motion-tracking camera system and projection screens translate our immediate activities.



Grafik: Katharina Gattermann, Foto © Karolina Miernik

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