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Dance Contest 2017 © Emilia Milewska
Dance Contest 2017 © Emilia Milewska

urbanative . Festival of Urban Dance Art 2018
Arsenal / Burgtheater-Probebühne & Art-For-Art-Werkstätten / Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz

In 2017 the festival for Urban Dance urbanative was launched as part of ImPulsTanz and intensified in the last week with several events, a programme developed by Storm and Markus Eggensperger feat. Archie Burnett, Daybee Dorzile, Nina Kripas, Brahms LaFortune and more.
This summer urbanative will be continued: 15 workshops, a. o. Voguing, Waacking, Breaking, Dancehall are already an inherent part of the workshop programme. Visual musicality with Storm and Beatbox with Leech are adding more musicality to the urbantive package this summer and are to be found in the new workshop department music X dance. Two Urban Dance Performances will take place during this year’s festival. The meanwhile legendary Rhythm is a Dancer contest is inviting everyone to show off their skills and reactivity. For everyone interested in a professional career: The Urban Dance Styles Training Programme masterseriez of the Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität Linz is holding an audition. Protagonists of urbanative introduce their favourite and most influential videos
(iconic music videos picked by…). For one day, the hallway of the Art-For-Art Dekorationswerkstätten are transformed into an urban marketplace (urban delights) and your personal streetstyle heaven – a colourful bustle full of fashion, jewellery, accessories, LP's, sneakers etc. And last but not least the urbanite Jam will be repeated.
More details soon, so stay tuned!

© Emilia Milewska

urbanative package

As soon as you book three workshops of the ImPulsTanz 2018 Urban Dance Department the Workshop Office will grant you an "urbanative-upgrade" and you receive the ImPulsTanz-Group-Deal (no Registration Fee, muti-booking-discount for all workshops, you will get the reduced fee for workshops and a reduced fee for the urbanative-Performance ticket, as well as free admission to the Party on 27 July). Enjoy!

© Pierre Grosbois

Pierre Rigal / Cie. Dernière minute – STANDARDS

Tuesday, 17 July 21:00+Thursday, 19 July 23:00, Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz
Liberty, equality, fraternity! A group of lively hip-hoppers, covered in colourful face paint, dance exuberantly on the French tricolour. They turn the national flag into a playing field, dissolving the political symbol in the modes of expressing their vitality – until a thunder rumbles and changes the scenery.

© Emir Eralp

A-Side Party

Friday, 27 July 2018, 22:00, Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz
DJ Support: Restless Leg Syndrom

@ Kat Reynolds

iconic music videos picked by…

Thursday, 02 August, 20:00, Arsenal
Hosted by Storm. The protagonists and participants of urbanative introduce their favourite and most influential videos. You are welcome to send in your suggestions and links of videos five minutes length maximum:

Dance Contest 2016 © Karolina Miernik

Rhythm is a Dancer - Dance Contest

Saturday, 04 August, 20:00, Arsenal
Amateurs and professional dancers of all dance styles and ages are welcome to dance-battle for one of the much sought-after prices in front of a jury and a cheering crowd. The challenge is not only to trump other participants through skills, finesse, charm and craziness, but to spontaneously react to the music. First price: 1 week Residency at ImPulsTanz 2019 plus Goldie Package. Hosted by HipHop-legend Storm. Please register here

© Thoeun Veassna

Nick Power – Between Tiny Cities រវាងទីក្រុងតូច

Saturday, 11 August 15:00+18:00, Arsenal
Two b*boys celebrate hip-hop and its rituals. Erak Mith is from Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Aaron Lim was born and raised in Darwin, Australia. Their choreographer, Nick Power, is a b*boy himself and knows what he’s doing when he induces the two of them to dance this electrifying duet featuring spectacular moves.


As of: June 2018, more details soon!



Grafik: Katharina Gattermann, Foto © Karolina Miernik

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Workshop Daybee Dorzile 2017 © Karolina Miernik

urbanative . Festival of Urban Arts Vienna 2018

Since 2017 ImPulsTanz offers a focus on Urban Arts initiated by Markus Eggensperger and Storm and featuring many events and the urbanative package. Take a look!  MORE

ImPulsTanz Party 2016 © Karolina Miernik

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