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© Franzi Kreis
© Franzi Kreis

Dance - and Theatre-Workshops for Children & Youth 
A project by Dschungel Wien and ImPulsTanz

Together with DSCHUNGEL WIEN we will again shake you decently up during your summer holidays!
For children as of 3,5 years up to youngsters until the age of 16 the crème de la crème of the international dance scene and luminaries of the theatre scene will bring fresh workshops, a lot of inspiration and funky playlists along, just for you.
According to the age group the SHAKE THE BREAK workshops will last between one and four hours (S-L). We are sure, there will definitely be something for every taste and curiosity!

So what can you do in those fourteen classes? – The smallest children can energise balancing flamingos, while creative out of the box-actors and actresses may give absurd new personalities to common props and teenagers with mixed abilities can connect cool HipHop moves to their own, mutual choreography.
Human pyramids will be built, there will be freestyle challenges to surprise music tracks, a trip to Zimbabwe just by dancing and an exploration of almost the entire dance history, which you can recreate anew yourself. And so much more…
If those aren’t groovy summer outlooks!

Date & Place: the Shake the Break Workshops take place from Monday to Friday between 16 July–10 August 2018 at Dschungel Wien.

© Elisabeth Handl

Suni Löschner

Von Flamingos und PomPoms (3,5–5J)

Creative dance for kids
Week1: 16–20 July, 09:30–10:30 (S)
What do flamingos have in common with dance for the tiniest of us? Don't hesitate, this workshop is full of energy inspired by the tricks and balance stunts of flamingos.

© Franzi Kreis

Laura Steinhöfel

Potz Blitz! (6–10J)

Find your hero / Find your heroine
Week1: 16–20 July, 10:00–14:00 (L)
What makes a being a heroine or a hero? Together, we set up a plan of how our heroes and heroines embark on an adventure, how they meet each other, join forces and accomplish a mission.

© Yes yes, why not?

Kaveri & Philipp Sageder


Indian Dance meets Beat boxing
Week1: 16–20 July,  10:15–11:45 (S) 
How fast can you stomp your feet to the rhythm? Can you tell a story only with your hands? Which kind of basses and sibilants can you create with your voice?

© Karolina Miernik

Ákos Hargitay

BodyParkour (10+)

Heroes in overcoming obstacles!
Week1: 16–20 July, 12:00–13:30 (S)
We jump over bodies and a scaffolding cube, dance, do acrobatics and stunts, just like Jackie Chan. The movement material is an urban mix between Parkour, Tricking, Breakdance. No obstacle is too big for us!

© Karolina Miernik

Mamadou M'Baye

Afrikanischer Kindertanz (6-9J)

Stories accompanied by drums
Week2: 23–27 July, 12:45 - 14:15 (S)
The songs for children from Mamadou's native Senegal make for a lot of material for dance stories, which are accompanied by Mamadou's live drumming. Catchy tunes are assured!

© Ernst Kainerstorfer

Grischka Voss

Let’s be! (7–11J)

Statement is everything!
Week2: 23–27 July, 10:30–14:30 (L)
Who says costumes and props are needed at all in order to play Harry Potter or Hermione Granger? Everything you can imagine you can also be!

© Osso

Suni Löschner & Katharina Weinhuber


An intergenerational dance project  – Multicoloured years of age
Week2: 23–27 July, 10:00–12:00 (M)
Every age in life is special. How old are you right now? How does that specific age feel like? Did you ever imagine that you were older? 90 for instance? 

© Studio Totale

Romy Kolb

Urban Play Area (12–16J)

Urban Dance! One Minute! Every kind of music!
Week2: 23–27 July, 10:15–12:15 (M) 
Five days long, we dance together! Each session there is a freestyle game: with different topics in our head we freestyle to music that is randomly chosen. 

© Urban Artists

Markus Eggensperger

Urban Dance (6–10J)

Dive into the world of HipHop
Week3: 30. Juli–03. August, 10:00–11:30 (S)
Urban Dance and HipHop is fun and soulfulness – simply a cool party. In this workshop we dive into the world of different dance styles of the HipHop culture.

© Franzi Kreis

Martina Rösler

Tanzgeschichten (8–12J)

In search for evidence
Week3: 30 July–03 August, 10:30–13:30 (M)
We go for a search of movements from the past: how did we dance 50 years ago? And how 100 years ago? How do you dance for freedom? How for rain?

© Isabella Hewlett

Arne Mannott

Circus Club (10-15J)

Circus renewed!
Week3: 30 July–03 August, 10:15–12:15 (M)
Let’s get rid of old circus clichés and reinvent circus our way! We juggle with small and huge balls, build spectacular human pyramids with the whole group, jump and dance through the rope and much more. 


Kollektiv KLAUS / Ella Necker & Julia Riederer

Wenn ich ein Vöglein wär... (6-10J)

If I was a bird I would fly through the whole city
Week4: 06–10 August, 10:30-13:30 (M)
Ohne Grenzen, ohne zurückzuschauen. Nur nach vorne. Und alle meine Freundinnen und Freunde kommen mit! Eine Woche lang erkunden wir gemeinsam den öffentlichen Raum.

© Rainer Berson

Futurelove Sibanda

Afrofusion Dance (9–13J)

Let's move it!
Week4: 06–10 August, 12:00–13:30 (S)
Let’s travel together to Southern Africa! Through movements, music and improvisations we will explore various stories and games of Futurelove Sibanda.

Attila Zanin

HipHop Tanz – MixedAbilities (11+)

HipHop for you and for me!
Week4: 06.–10 August, 10:00–11:30 (S)
Did you always wanted to know how to dance like a robot or how to do the wave? Here you can learn it! 

Shake the Break Prices
Dance- and Theatre-Workshops for Children & Youth
An Initiative by Dschungel Wien and ImPulsTanz

Duration1–1,5 hours2–3 hours4–5 hours
Registration Fee40,-40,-40,-
first Workshop 60,-75,-120,-
each additional Workshop50,-65,-110,-
1–1,5 hoursDuration
40,-Registration Fee
60,-first Workshop
50,-each additional Workshop
2–3 hoursDuration
40,-Registration Fee
75,-first Workshop
65,-each additional Workshop
4–5 hoursDuration
40,-Registration Fee
120,-first Workshop
110,-each additional Workshop

All prices in euro

Shake the Break Workshops for Children & Youth are indicated with an age limit and take place at Dschungel Wien.
The Registration Fee is a one time payment, regardless of the amount of Workshops you book and applies also to family members (parents, children, siblings).


Dschungel Wien Theaterhaus für junges Publikum
MuseumsQuartier, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna
T +43.1.522 07 20 20
opening hours:
Mon–Fri 16:00–18:00 or 1,5h before performances
for opening hours in July/August please view:
how to get there:
U2 Museumsquartier; U3, Tram 49, Bus 48A Volkstheater; Tram 1, 2, 46, 71, D Dr.-Karl-Renner-Ring

ImPulsTanz Workshop Office Arsenal
Burgtheater-Probebühnen / ART-for-ART-Werkstätten
Arsenal, Objekt 19, 1030 Vienna
T +43.1.514 44 54 11 |
opening hours 09 July–10 August
Mon 08:30–19:00, Tue–Sun 08:45–19:00
how to find us: S1, S2, S3, S15, Tram D & O & 18 Quartier Belvedere; Bus 69A Arsenalsteg
NOTE: due to a building site this summer, the entry for the Workshopcentre has been relocated to the opposite side. It is recommended to take the Bus 69A until station "Arsenalsteg". If you walk from Quartier Belvedere or the main trainstation you will find the Workshopcentre behind the Heeresgeschichtliches Museum on your right hand side (pass along the tennis courts).


As of July 2018



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