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Sri Louise

Yoga Teacher Training by Sri Louise

All Things Under The Sun - Surya Namaskara Like Never Before or Shine A Light In That Cave Of Yours

presented by Sri Louise and ImPulsTanz

What: 50 hours of certified Yoga Teacher Training for active dancers (at least 5 years dance training) with 1 year solid Asana practice
Who: Sri Louise, dancer & founder of Underground Yoga Parlour for Self Knowledge and Social Justice
When: 20 - 31 July 2015: 2 weeks, Monday-Friday, 5 hours/day, 10am – 4pm (with one hour lunch break)
Where: ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival

This training will explore the various components of the traditional Sun Salutation in order to understand the necessary infrastructure required to access the entire pantheon of Asana, including Inversions. Somatic explorations will be used to infuse dynamic situations with ease and efficiency. We will also improvise with the vocabulary of Sun Salutations to source unique choreographic sequences for Asana and other Movement classes.
This training will encourage the artistic insights of Dancers, engage their intuitive body intelligence and give the underlying confidence to share their experience with others, in a creative and inspiring way.

Participants will receive a Certificate from the Underground Yoga Parlour for Self Knowledge and Social Justice detailing topics covered in the course, which include the following:

  •     Asana, Anatomy & Yogic Alignment
  •     Sequencing and Logic of Teaching
  •     Basic Sanskrit
  •     Chanting
  •     Vedanta: Is there anything about your self-experience that is self-luminous like the Sun…

All teaching as well as reading material in English.

Applicants should have at least 5 years of active dance training, all styles applicable and one year of solid Asana practice.

Disclaimer: This course is an independent professional study. It has no affiliation with Yoga Alliance.

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