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Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods


A poetic vision: “Embrace the darkness.” An ironic instruction: “Dangle your arms.” And an impossible request: “Change the weather.” Besides her monumental stage work "Built to Last", which was shown at the 2013 ImPulsTanz Festival in Vienna’s Volkstheater, multi-award-winning US American choreographer Meg Stuart has rediscovered a format at which she has excelled since her early years: improvisation. In the present case, this means fathoming out absolutely all artistic possibilities ranging from a willingness to take risks and a sense of freedom to a commanding-yet-relaxed knowledge of the material. Together with tried-and-trusted collaborators such as Brendan Dougherty (music), Claudia Hill (costumes), Vladimir Miller (scenography/video), the gorgeous Antonija Livingstone (performance) and some boisterous young dancers – there are 12 people on stage! – she has created one of those deeply moving pieces that cannot be described, but may be termed a piece of good fortune that only happens to those who never just do one thing.

24, 25, 26 + 27 July, 21:00, MuseumsQuartier Halle G

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