ImPulsTanz 2013 © Ivo Dimchev

Cie. Ivo Dimchev & Franz West

The incredible Lili Handel is back! Dressed only in high heels and sumptuously decorated panties, bald-headed and endowed with the voice of an opera singer, the queer diva moves about and manipulates sculptures by the famous Austrian artist Franz West. And three figures, who are tourists at first but then mutate into muse-like creatures, dance with her to the spherical and powerful music by Philipp Quehenberger. According to Ivo Dimchev – alias Lili Handel – the point is not “to find ways to accommodate West’s works to the dancers’ bodies and the stage but to find out in what way ideas of the theatre, of music and of the performative body must adapt and transform themselves to establish contact with these sculptures”. Lili Handel undergoes several treatments, West’s pieces are being caressed, and the audience catches glimpses of utterly bizarre beauty.

July 21, 2013 | Volkstheater