ImPulsTanz 2013 © Liquid Loft

Liquid Loft / Chris Haring & Staatstheater Kassel


A bacchanal, an orgiastic organism made up of thirteen bodies. Figures jostling each other like exulted demonstration models in a robot designer shop from the future: over-excited and virtuoso machines, immortal and ready for love: “Already anticipating their expiration. Moving in cycles into the next spiral. As if it were a ritual, the choreography a repetition. Once more daring to withstand death, to sacrifice life so as to be able to take it back into one’s hand and mouth in delirious lust and surrender”, cultural studies scholar Andreas Spiegl commented on “Lego Love”. The dancers from the ensemble of Tanztheater Kassel and Stephanie Cumming from Chris Haring’s group liquid loft float in counterfeit emotional clouds as if in a drug-induced haze and in hallucinated colour spaces. Out of which crackling, groaning, squeaking and whimpering sounds emerge. The bodies of these posthumans make noises brought to life by sound artist Andreas Berger in a breathtaking, sometimes unfathomably funny manner.

July 19, 2013 | 21:00 | Volkstheater