ImPulsTanz 2013 © Needcompany / Music by The Residents

Needcompany / Grace Ellen Barkey


Revolt of the mushroom aliens! Belgian choreographer Grace Ellen Barkey, who was born in Surabaya, Indonesia, lights fireworks of imagination in this turbulent spectacle. The legendary US American avant-garde group The Residents are in charge of the music. Founded in 1969, they have since released 60 albums and claim to have invented the music video. Their trademark is the eyeball mask which is substituted by mushroom hats in this piece. As president of the movement, Grace Ellen Barkey blows the magic horn as an antidote to melancholy. And deep in the mushroom forest the call rings out: “Free the funghi!” From this explosive “Mush Room”, there actually sprouts political rock ’n’ roll that culminates in the question posed to everyone present: “What are we burning for?” Barkey’s funny, vicious and hallucinogenic mushrooms are true pioneers. They are determined to get their say, screaming out what needs to be said: all fungi must be accepted! To this end, every sponge becomes an activist.

August 2 + 4, 2013 | Akademietheater