ImPulsTanz 2013 © Mathilde Monnier

Mathilde Monnier

Twin Paradox

Whatever happens, even when the world falls apart: the dance goes on. Come hell or high water, as if it were the last resort: dancing despite everything else that’s going on. Ten dancers accept this challenge and start some kind of marathon on a stage with an orange-coloured grating for a floor. French choreographer Mathilde Monnier, director of the Choreograpic Centre of Montpellier, has dedicated this piece to the notorious twin paradox. Which says: if one of two twins were to fly to a star far away and back again with near lightning speed, the other of the two, who remained on earth, would have grown older than the one who returned. Along this line of thought, the characters in this piece experience two timelines: one that passes and another that derives from the encounters and transformations in dancing. In the midst of this paradox and a soundscape made up of street noises, the rattling of drums, and debris from Beethoven’s “Fate Symphony”, the ten performers dance on the grating. They dance for their lives.

July 29, 2013 | Volkstheater